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Find the right Programmatic Ad Tech job with company reviews and salaries. A top company for programmatic ad tech:. Coegi's partnership approach uses world-class data, analytics and program technologies to make your campaigns smarter. However, this money is not then channelled through [to] us, even though it is part of the same company. Advertising would not exist without the companies that buy the ads.

Which are the best programmatic advertisers in New York? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Also Quantcast (but they have their seat in SF with an in New York office). the RUN Adds (acquired by Publicis) and The Exchange Lab (recently acquired u GroupM). Recently we conducted an Exchangewire survey and they go into programmatic advertisements and real-time ad trade in great detail here:


When it looks like the flood of Christmas ads starts early every year, don't just imagine things: Adtech's Index Exchange has released new figures showing that Christmas 2016 began several week ahead of schedule. The other big Christmas promotion this year?

Naturally programmatically, which experienced a sharp increase around the world. CLANNES, France - Location information firm Blis today announces a home based marketing platform aimed, among other things, at helping medium shoppers better assess whether their advertisements are being placed correctly in geographical terms. Marketers always address customers on-line, but they do not always take a random sampling of the true audience to measure their thinking in terms of timeliness.

BBDO San Francisco chief executives Jim Lesser talked to Matt Miller, the agency's chief creatives officer, a few month ago about the agency's forthcoming outdoor training programme and how quickly advertisers are seeing changes in advert ise when they come up with a insane idea: NBCUniversal is now at last offering program-controlled purchases via its network after two years of program-controlled sales of our online videos and displays.

Highly Programmatic Advertising Companies

It is our goal to become the go-to solutions for large scale datasets. In addition to the site, we are striving to expand the breadth of our technologies and serve health care appliances such as meteorological modelling, face detection and sequencing with the same performance, scale and ease of use. LOOP ME is specialized in synthetic intelligentsia controlled marketing.

LOOP ME is the world' s leading premium online ticketing and ticketing solution that uses only portable information and AI to deliver measurable improvements to results for publishers and enhance the customer experiences. One of the world's leading providers of advanced technologies for online and offline signage. It is the goal of OpennessX to unlock the full commercial value of today's businesses.

OpenX's consolidated monetisation platforms combine an ad serving engine and a real-time auction engine to achieve the highest revenues across any digital display. AppNexus, which provides the most efficient, open and adaptable ad technologies platforms, services the biggest and most cutting-edge shoppers and vendors of digital media, such as Microsoft Advertising Exchanges, Interactive Media (Deutsche Telekom) and Collective.

It offers the industry's most technologically sophisticated foundation that enables companies to create, administer and optimise their overall on-line business. With AppNexus real-time ad-serving technology, sophisticated revenue control, optimisation algorithm and patent-pending trademark and security watch, thousands of companies around the world buy and resell millions of dollars of advertisements every single dollar every year.

Its state-of-the-art analysis infrastructure provides real-time insights into web-based information in a way that is simple and engaging to end consumers. Clients can get up and running quickly and smoothly with Metamarkets' cloud-based solutions. With the Adbrain framework, campaign owners can quickly and effectively build, administer and optimize real-time campaign experiences to deliver more focused and relevant messaging to their clients.

The MediaMath is an ad serving technologies engineered for algorithms-based bids. Headquartered in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Miami and Paris, the firm employs over 600 people. Glassdoor has again awarded MediaMath as one of the best workplaces.

It is a SaaS solution that allows brand owners, publishers, retailers and their marketers to dynamic customize ad experiences and deploy hyperlocal, micro-directed campaigning across YouTube, Google and other digital media, cellular and multi-screen media. Those far more meaningful advertisements will permanently alter the way we advertise. We' re shocking the on-line ad business.

The Admedo is the next level of Demand Side Platforms that makes programmatic advertisements available and visible, creates the most stylish, engaging and user-friendly experience, and delivers world-class service that simplifies a complex market place. Soyern is a supplier of a data-driven motion marketplace using program-driven shopping and automated learn technologies. Soyern works with tour operators such as airline companies, ota companies, hotels as well as hire companies to create anonymous (non-personally identifiable) itineraries.

It uses this information to reach travellers and communicate via channel. Platforms for videos. By combining the generation of interfering cross-device ad format videos with a high-performance buyer and seller delivery system, we can help you Use our cutting-edge ad format to build your own high-quality content, administer your campaign and/or monetise your content through our personal adboards.

The TripleLift is the promotional tool for the web. Pictures quickly become the main language in which trademarks interact with their clients, and TripleLift quickly recognizes how users interact with trademarks' pictures on the Internet and uses this information to produce more meaningful and efficient advertisements. Our trend displaying device, for example, detects which pictures become virtual or demographically evolving for a particular trademark and shows them in live web ads in dynamically changing ad spaces.

ARKI offers full-service mobiles with walls, displays, videos and multimedia. The company's own creation teams, its own wealth of information, and its own ecosystem of premier content providers work together to help brand owners provide engaging and engaging advertising to users worldwide. We' ve built a high-performance, design-oriented ecosystem that combines usability and engineering skills in a seamless way.

The Tremor Vide ( NYSE: TRMR ) changes the way you advertise your videos on all displays for the world's top names. VideoHub®, our patented innovation, provides marketers and publisher with a full programmatic way to connect with and retain customers while gaining new insight into what makes successful multi-device branding successful.

Headquartered in New York, Tremor Video has operations in the United States and around the world. See for more information and Tremor video on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is a technological enterprise that allows advertisers to link smartly to their key target groups through the use of electronic means.

At the heart of the deal is a programmatic self-serve email campaign based on automated learn technologies, backed by a proprietary approach to wireless targeted communications that uses societal information. By providing visibility into cost and market security, real-time reports and analysis, AcuityAds enables publishers to increase responsibility for program-driven advertisements to achieve results.

Established in 2012 by Nicolas Schueller and Jean-Fran├žois Bernard, adomik is already the 2013 Red Herring Europe Top 100 winners. The company offers novel ways for publishing companies to take advantage of this new distribution opportunity. The company has created bidExplorer?, a private label converged technologies suite between Big File, Maths and Computer Science, to provide its publishing customers with unparalleled insight and data-driven distribution strategy.

Simpli. fi is an ad serving technologies firm that facilitates the use of non-structured information in online ads. Its programmatic merchandising platforms allow merchants to use non-structured information to gain infinite value from real-time bids (RTB) adboards. Simpli. fi was established in 2010 and recorded explosion rates of 242% per year, with more than 50,000 effective ad launches via our platforms.

Edison Interactive is a leading provider of services in the worldwide markets for online services, online services, online publishing, online publishing and music. We' ve created a unique wireless end-to-end experience that provides exceptional, compelling passenger experience while delivering unparalleled value to our advertisers. Designed specifically for re-targeting apps, Remerge is the first application to enable application publishers and portable publishers to effectively segments and return consumers with personalised email campaigns to effectively and scalably enhance engagement and life-time value.

All of our global teams focus solely on repositioning applications, optimizing complexity and manually using technologies to provide the best possible service to our customers and markets. Featuring an ecosystem built to maximise coverage, application designers and marketing professionals can easily repurpose up to 900,000 people per second via Facebook and 350,000 programmatic applications worldwide.

The Liftoff is a portable application based remarketing and re-targeting solution that uses post-installation information to deliver real global advertising campaigning. Conduct portable application market research initiatives optimised to promote post-installation activities such as registration or purchasing. We' re creating a sustained driver of economic expansion for portable application companies by resolving the issue of user connectivity to the portable applications they will actually appreciate.

This problem is addressed by using programmatic advertisement and modern mechanical education. NanoGans is changing the way in which marketers attract clients by using the force of lifelong value to enable smarter and more effective online shopping. Nanigan's ad management application supports internal perfomance management team. Delivered as a software-as-a-service, NANIGANSAFE' s proprietary suite of software-as-a-service solutions delivers program-driven digital purchasing, proactive sales optimisation and real-time operational excellence across today's most valued online communities.

Created by a former Google and DoubleClick ad executive board and pioneered the industry's first Bidder-as-a-Service ("BaaS"), Beeswax is a global leader in the field of mobile communications. Creative content continues to be an exhilarating and cutting-edge environment, and the brightest shoppers need technologically advanced, fully customisable content management tools. It is our belief that using an RTB provider should be as simple as using part of the merchandising cloud.

The Jelli is the first cloud-based programmatic ad space for the $40 billion worldwide broadcast world. We offer a proprietary audioserving solution that automatically delivers broadcast services to broadcasters and service providers, reaches million viewers per week, and serves billion of ad impressions each year. The 1000mercis Group is a trailblazer in the field of digital signage and online communications, offering cutting-edge business intelligence for companies seeking to maximise their share of business impact and customer retention through the use of digital technologies such as the web, cell phone and tablet.

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