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The best paid advertising

Adsense is the best advertising network for publishers around the world, a network used by all bloggers. Advertising on Facebook is a must for anyone who pays for traffic. Contextua is definitely one of your best paid search options. Payed Advertising Platforms - Where are the best places to advertise online? Payed Advertising Platforms - Where are the best places to advertise online?

The $66,372.09 spent on paid advertising teaches me.

At 3. it converted 7 per cent, which means that 37 out of 1,000 persons fill out the leader sheet. Convertions were above the 5% level, but the leader level dropped dramatically. Please feel free to browse and browse this check list of paid advertising experiences. Since I was not happy with the amount of Traffic I received on, I chose to test several different advertising sources:

Links In, Google AdWords, Retargeter, Perfect Audience et StumbleUpon Ad. In comparison to the other paid revenue streams, the LinkedIn had the second lower turnover of 1.6%. At the same time, it offered the highest possible pipe qualities. I' ve tried it with a fistful of other ad campaigns in the past, and I quickly learnt that linked-in advertisements usually do the best for business-to-business people.

But the big problem I had with LinkedIn is that it doesn't power a ton when compared to some of the other paid advertising media. In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, I paid about $4.76 per click, which is really high. If I had deactivated the LinkedIn ad, but due to the lead qualities, I kept it on.

LinkedIn can generate high value sales for a B2B business, but it will be costing you an arm as well as a foot. Like you already know, Google AdWords can generate a lot of popularity that tends to work well. Averaged $5.62 per click, and my 6.55% chance to become a leader.

Google's volumes were not the problem, but LinkedIn's leads were 15 to 20x better, quite literally. What's more, they were 15 to 20x better. I had my advertisements right; I only approached my perfect client; but for some reasons the leads were not so good. That' s why I switched off Google AdWords, because the costs per leads were too high, because most of them were not eligible.

As a rule, Google is a great way to promote both business-to-business and business-to-consumer businesses. Costs for this were very low for congestion and the number of lead. I clicked on the advertisements at around . 2% and the visitor turned into a lead at a 5.05% clickthrough.

They' ve lowered my cost of doing CPM while increasing my click-through rate, from geo-targeting to choosing which ad to view on the basis of click-through rate to turning off the ad daily. Well, my click rate fell well below half. Your click rate remains high. Like Retargeter, Perfect Audience markets your audience, but the big deal is that they specialise in Facebook marketing.

The Retargeter can also be resold on Facebook, but the CPM tariffs that Perfect Audience offers for Facebook are really accessible. The perfect audience was 33 Cent per CPU and had a click-through ratio of .16%. With 3.58%, one of the visitors turned into a head start. Not as good as LinkedIn's results, but they were good.

However, the main drawback was that click-throughs on your advertisements decreased over a period of your life unless you could continuously turn them, similar to Retargeter. When you want to market on Facebook, Perfect Audience is the most inexpensive and efficient way I've found. StumbleUpon ad was by far the least expensive type of visitor.

So I could take people to my Landing Page for 5 Cent per person, and I could buy thousand of people every single day. Every week, I could buy a new page. StumbleUpon's big problem is that it's not a high value download site and it doesn't offer good conversions. Their conversion rates were . 05%, and the lines were the poorest of all transport modes.

Do not use StumbleUpon Ads to increase your visitor numbers to a paid item or services. The StumbleUpon ads should be used to transfer your online community to your site's contents, not to any paid site. I have been doing paid advertising for over 7 years, and I see that not much has really happened when it comes to purchasing good value traffics.

AdWords, Links and re-marketing still seem to be the best ways to buy ads. Sadly, AdWords and LinkedIn keep growing in value year after year, but it's still rewarding to use them. I also found that in the past advertising banners worked well.

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