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Checking the 5 best Affiliate Networks in Africa

While there are many ways to make online cash, affiliate is by far one of the simplest and most profitable ways of generating revenue online. In Africa, affiliate branding is seen as in its fledgling stages, but there are indeed hundred thousand of affiliate branders across the entire African Continent, including from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Large numbers of blogs, PPC members and PPC members are active in a variety of online marketers across the world. Africa could soon be the next border in online commerce with fast technological advancements and increasing broadband connectivity penetration in most nations. Every single dollar, billions of Africans spends every single African dollar online in various online retailers from Amazon to Clickbank.

Experienced sellers are now targeted at Africa, considering that continental promotional spending is very low in comparison to the Tier 1 world. Most of the large audience blogs in Africa still monetize their websites in the old way through sponsorship ad, Google Adsense and other community ad networking. Whilst tradional techniques like Adsense offer a fairly moderate level of revenue dependent on the amount of traffic of which you are commanded, affiliate based merchandising is, no doubt, a better and more profitable choice.

They need to get hundred of thousand page impressions a day to get a reasonable revenue on Adsense, because African transport has the cheapest rates, but affiliate marketers get better paid. And if you're an African-based publishers that relies on inexpensive PPC advertisements to monetise your website, you can do better by connecting to highly paid affiliate network such as 24Monetize.

Affiliate networking is simple as long as your website or your advertising practices match your specification. However, the biggest issue is the small number of affiliate network sites in Africa. Affiliate networking is not as common in Africa as it is in Europe or North America. The majority of Africa's network is based in South Africa and Nigeria, but still accepts publishing houses from all parts of the continents and the globe.

Let's look at some of the best affiliate Africa networking today that you can join and begin to make easy cash with your trafficking. There' s a good point why this is at the top of our roster of the best affiliate networking in Africa. The 24Monetize is the first Lotterie partner net, which concentrates particularly on the Africa' s traffics.

Remember that at the moment lots are one of the most powerful niches in undeveloped countries like Africa. Lotteries have the highest rate of turnover and high yields. Although relatively new to the industry, 24Monetize is a rapidly expanding affiliate game. It has earned a good name for its high gamer value and its high converting and storage speeds.

These are some of the advantages that 24Monetize partners enjoy: 24Monetize Affiliate can advertise some of the largest sweepstakes in the globe for huge amounts of Africa wide visitors. In order to keep partners informed about the success of their campaigns, the 24/7 networking provides you with all key metrics such as visible merchandising, real-time trafficking and your actual account balances.

Join 24Monetize for free. 24Monetize provides the best payout and brokerage in comparison to other focused transport markets in Africa. After all, the affiliate provides online entry to some of the best selling lotteries in the industry with more profitable tariffs. 24Monetize Partners have the latest market intelligence to help you enhance your campaign and get the most out of it.

It provides its subsidiaries with the latest Microsoft Office software suites with conversion tracking and enhancement capabilities. It' also noteworthy that 24Monetize has a good recommendation programme that gives you an extra chance to benefit from partners that you have accepted into the group. Our dedicated technical staff is always available to help and accompany you every step of the way.

Konga Partner Programme is one of the most profitable partner programmes in Nigeria and the wider Africa. It offers Nigerian Affiliates a great way to make online profits by advertising a broad variety of affiliate product for relatively high fees. Conga is an online merchant known throughout Nigeria for its vast stock and everyday selling.

Among the main reason why you want to join the Konga Affiliate Programme is the simple, user-friendly affiliate application supported by Postaffiliatepro. Advertise Konga branded goods through any online trading site, including Facebook and Facebook advertisements, your own blogs, web sites, bulletin boards and even online news.

Our aim is to get them to buy Konga items through your own trace links. Conga will pay commission on the basis of selling prices category. In order to get the most out of your Konga Member Experience, it is strongly advised that you check a good number of items that are pertinent to your area.

Like always, raising your public always will help to generate more visitors to your reviews and rising sales rates. Conga has a number of promotional offers and rebates that are offered at any season of the year. It has good quality flags that you can use to enhance the converting if they are placed correctly in your rating pages.

Overall, Konga is a great affiliate programme for Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Vakanov is a premier online tour operator headquartered in Nigeria. Wakanow was founded in 2008 and has become the premier online tourist agency in Nigeria and the wider African region. The Wakanow affiliate programme offers you a great way to generate revenue by offering your travel-related goods and service.

There are many advantages to working with Affiliate Vakanov. Introduces the powerful price setting tool. Quick and punctual payment of your fees through a variety of payment methods, among them the Vakanov Debit Cards, Master Cards, Visa, Banking and Visa cards. affiliates can also earn awards such as free accommodations, airfare, Wakanov credits and other great prices.

When you have a holiday website, this is a good affiliate programme in which you can participate. Today Travelstart is one of the biggest online tour operators in Africa. Founded in 1999, the company's partner programme enables anyone with Web connectivity to set up their own home or business trip.

Partners gain privileged entry to their sophisticated air travel reservation aircraft, which enables customers to find, benchmark and even buy the lowest cost air travel locally and globally. As an affiliate participating in the Travelstart Partnership Programme, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the powerful brands and progressive airline reservation technologies to win customers and earn online moneys.

Generate extra revenue from your website by showing your website a banner and a link. Affiliate programs pay you on a recommendation base. It offers compelling discounts on marketing its air package deals, which include ultra-low fares, high fees, the best tool and the best level of service, and a great CRM programme aimed at building better relationships and relationships.

It is one of the most strongly advocated partner programmes in Africa for those with travel-related blog ging and website. The name Jumia is well known in Africa. Indeed, it competes with global trading powerhouses such as OLX and Amazon in most parts of Africa. Founded in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria, Jumia currently has a significant footprint in over 23 African states.

At Jumia, we specialize in a variety of businesses that include retailing, transportation, real property, employment, food, rental cars and a variety of other business activities. You have a great affiliate programme that will pay up to 13% commission on your generated revenue. Jumia Affiliate Participation is simple because you register for free on their website and are accepted within 24hrs.

There are great networking reports that help you monitor, analyse and enhance your business to increase your return. The Jumia is a great Africa wide networking for those with life style and tourist blog. The affiliate networking mentioned above all offers a viable way to maximise your revenue from heavy exposure to Africa, but if you consider some of the important issues such as payouts and provisions, easy membership and available affiliate utilities, 24Monetize is at the top of the ranking.

These are some of the main motivations why you should join the 24Monetize Affiliate Program: It has the highest rate of exchange and exchange and a high value as a gambler. You have the highest commission for your Africa based visitors, which allows your affiliate to improve your return on investment, especially when using the Income Sharing models. The 24Monetize has one of the best suite of creative promotional products and services on the Lotteries markets.

Our easy-to-use Dashboard provides you with the tracking report and graphics, balances and revenue streams of your 24-hour daily sale to show you how your campaign is running in live. They will show you how to maximise your profit by working with the Nets. When you are looking for the best way to monetise your Africa wide web site visitors, we suggest 24Monetize.

It is a broad spectrum and high payout online gaming community. Keep in mind that the African slot machine works very well today.

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