Best Mobile Ads 2016

The Best Mobile Phone Advertising 2016

In addition, 51% of all digital advertising budgets were spent on mobile advertising in 2016. When you try to reach consumers in 2016, your mobile marketing needs to be put in a nutshell. No such thing as the best advertising network for native ads. AdColony says what works best in mobile video ads. Innovative formats work better for advertising mobile apps.

In 2016, five useful hints for mobile marketing success

With the year 2015 drawing to a close, it' s a good idea to think about what worked with mobile this year and summarise the winning strategy for 2016. Portable phones are very intimate. Portable consumers want to be able to choose where, when and how to interoperate with branded products on their mobile device.

Give the operator complete command. The mobile ads should be opt-in so that the consumer can decide whether or not to deal with the messaging of a particular product. What matters is that mobile ads are easily dismissed for those using them, with a distinctive "close" field. If the ad impression is covering some of the page's contents, make the ad disappear when a person rolls and reappear when the person ceases to scroll.

Whilst they can look good on a tablet, small smart phone displays don't look good on desktops. Instead, use mobile advertising sizes such as the IAB Gluing Station Star. Attachment devices look good on any mobile devices because they occupy about 10% of the display and are attached at the bottom in either vertical or horizontal format.

Powerful results do not play a role if the false public reacts. Best-of-breed advertisers have rugged behavioral metrics that can be aligned to both the mobile phone and the desktops. look-alike styles can be designed to address scaleable audiences that are most likely susceptible to and responsive to a brand's messages.

As soon as you have reached the right target group with mobile initial advertising format and the public reacts to your ad, you want to keep them motivated and spend as much as possible on your brand's messages. A great way to motivate your customers is to use video as a key player in the creativity industry.

More and more people are watching videos on their mobile phones, with the tendency towards bigger monitors. Incorporate interactive videos - and invite visitors to further exploring a marque through photographic art gallery, features demos, display cases and map guides to the next shop - and you have the ideal formula for intense commitment.

Last thing you want to do with your intensely mobile campaign is follow up results that don't really mirror the benefits on key brands and increase revenue. Instead, more sophisticated key indicators such as commitment rates, levels of interactivity and expenditure of elapsed lead times are much better suited to ensuring that consumers are proactively aware of and eventually affected by a brand's messages.

Ultimately, it is the intense interaction with users that leads the consumer to know, appreciate and buy a particular product. Adhere to these five hints and you will be well positioned in 2016.

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