Best Mobile Ads

The Best Mobile Phone Advertising

When you try to figure out which mobile ad format is the best use of your time and money, this post will show you the statistics you need to know. Advice on the best sizes and formats for mobile ads for revenue generation. What is the best way to find the perfect mobile advertising units, is it worth following the latest trends? Which are the best offers to advertise with pop traffic? There are good mobile ads, however, and there are bad mobile ads.

This is the 11 best mobile ads in the world.

In Project Rebrief, in which the technology guru creates unforgettable ads for a digital public, Google has rebuilt the Coca-Cola ad, where folks congregate on a hill and chant how they "want to buy the word a Coke. There was no need to buy colas with the reimagined look.

Click on their mobile phones and they could mail a free limo to foreigners all over the globe. The Mobile Lions Grand Prix at the Cannes Advertising Festivals (also known as the highest mobile advertising award of all time) was won. The Backseat Driver just missed out on Google's "Hilltop Re-Imagined" in Cannes - the judges even had to conduct a far-reaching voting.

The pizzeria in Dubai, for example, has some problems with delivery communications. In order to resolve the issue, Red Tomato supplied a solenoid that also acts as a key to activate pizzas by joining through the bluetooth of a mobile telephone. Simply enter your favourite on-line and you can get a free slice at the touch of a simple key.

The Village online paper. ru resolved to build an application that would embarrass folks because they are stupid riders. "This allows humans to take photos of incorrectly parking vehicles and store the vehicle number, model (e.g. crossover) and color. That information is streaming directly to specific advertisements on banners, which are routed via the IP addresses to places where these vehicles were parking.

" Because of the position determination many humans saw their own automobiles (or those of their neighbours) in the advertisement. "Said this application took the Super Bowl to a second screen: your cell monitor. Rewarding the players' attentiveness with great prices, it made whole celebrations see our ads over and over again: first on TV, then in the application, then on-line.

Twenty happy people have even won a Chevy. Bandsid has developed Augustmented-Reality, an application that allows parents/children/advertisers to send a Band-Aid to a mobile device and be awarded a Tête-à-Tête with the puppets. Scanning the patch and letting Miss Piggy pose for your daddy, Gonzo doing a trick or Kermit sings The Rainbow Connection.

It was Nokia's intention to show what its mobile can do to mobile TV viewers, namely those using mobile devices from Nokia's competitor companies, namely iPhones, iPhone and iPod. "Browse the mobile web and the Windows Mobile port suddenly appears on your iPhone or iPod touch - a real adventure. With the help of mobile text messaging technologies, the MicroLoan Foundation (a charitable organization that assists female Africans to start their own small business through microfinance) has provided a fast and simple way for donors to make donations and win government recognition.

"Uncompleted profiles of Africans, consisting exclusively of Pennys, were produced on a huge billboard in a bustling London mall. "Altogether 314,200 survivors were suspended from the action, and 21 female Africans now have their own small business.

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