Best Marketing Campaigns for small Business

The best marketing campaigns for small businesses

Make a gift guide for the holidays. A partnership with other small businesses. Streamline your email campaign with personalized videos. However, the idea of creating a day to celebrate small businesses was still just an idea. Successful examples of marketing campaigns.

Up to 3 award-winning marketing campaigns for small businesses

Every year, the Small Business Online Marketing Contest, organized by the City of Chicago Treasurer's Office, provides amazing instances of how small business can use marketing tools such as e-mail and online community marketing to successfully run campaigns that win new clients and help them do more business. Here is a look at this year's top winning entries and what you can learnt from the results of their campaigns:

Chicago's Motion PR is a PR firm whose core and spirit is unprecedented leadership in communications. motion PR has launched the Nut Year's Resolution initiative for its customer (International Three Nut Council) to raise nut consciousness, raise visibility in community networks and raise consciousness about how walnuts can help enhance nutrition.

By the end of the season, their aim was to reach 1,000 Facebookikes, 500 following Twitters and 250 following Pinterest. As of November 2013, Nut Health had only 129 Facebook likes, 95 Twitter follower and 35 follower on Pinterest. Motion PR also wanted 500 people to commit to include 2014 walnuts in their food for their New Year launch.

The Nut Year's Resolution demanded that Nut Health Facebook Page be popular and that Nut Years Resolution require that Nut Health Nut Facebook Page consumers include 1.5oz of walnuts in their nutrition by 2014. User received supplemental posts by twittering a note that they had subscribed to the Nut Year resolution, or by following Nut Health on Twitter and Pinterest.

Every entry could earn a $100 Whole Foods compliment ticket, which is just another example of how the initiative is encouraging consumers to adopt wholesome diets and feed on walnuts. Nut Year's resolution campaigns surpassed Motion PR's objectives. Altogether, the survey included 31,449 contributions from 1,257 persons.

You reached 2,433 Facebook enthusiasts, 1,472 Twitter follower and 357 Pinterest fan. There were 729,000 images with 6,400 interaction from 5,700 people. Nut's Year's Resolution is an outstanding example of how small companies can use a number of different online outlets to advertise their campaigns. Whilst the main focus of the ad was on Facebook audiences, Motion PR was able to take most of the impact by including other websites such as Twitter and Pinterest.

If you are conducting a small business advertising drive, it is important to design your advertising policy before clicking Submit. Consider the different ways you interact with your audiences via different means - whether it' via your web, e-mail, mobile phone or via your own contacts. Its main objective was to collect $50,000 for its Kickstarter production capacity enhancement drive.

Among the primary objectives are the acquisition of new follower via the various different channel types of online content, the acquisition of new clients and the acquisition of domestic and/or foreign newspapers for the business and its missions. After all, the promotions should test the proof-of-concept for both their internal marketing capabilities and consumers' demands for their products.

Mohop's Mohop Kampagne focused on a Kickstarter Kampagne - a Crowdfunding website where a person or company searches for funding from the general community for a creativity venture. Mohop used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to advertise their Kickstarter campaigns and also advertised the campaigns via e-mail. contest finished up in the top 1. 2 proportion of the most highly financed direction ever, with a whole of $67,020 rise in 45 era.

Muhop surpassed its target by 34 per cent and boosted turnover by 1.045 per cent over the corresponding 45 day period in the year before. The number of new clients rose by 1,721 per cent compared with the preceding three months. Your opening percentage for newsletters for campaign message was 52. The click-through ratio was 3 per cent (vs. sector mean of 18.3 per cent) and 15 per cent.

6% (vs. sector) of 3.2%. According to the advertising campaigns, their turnover is currently almost twice as high as in the previous year. Although they've shut down their marketing activities and are marketing footwear during one of the coolest winter in recent memory! A key factor in the successful outcome of this initiative was the strength of verbal propaganda.

When Mohop advertised the ad through his various platforms, they saw that their coverage went beyond their actual fan, follower and e-mail contact networks. Not only were those attending the event engaged in the process, but they also talked about it - publishing about it in online community networks and disseminating the message through off-line conversation.

As you plan your next promotion, think about how you can use the powers of verbal propaganda to promote stocks and present your messages to a broader public. Situated in the centre of Andersonville, Milch Handmade is a women's fashion shop specialising in small editions and handicrafts. A secret sales deal was conceived by milk handmade that would allow e-mail customers to take 50 per cent of everything on the shelf.

Milk Handmade didn't want to detract from the action and kept the e-mail brief, easy and clear - with just one photograph of an article to be added to the action. Aim of the marketing had been to award faithful clients, who often buy, as well as clients, who do not come so often, but are still added to the e-mail lists of the business.

had an opening percentage of 43 per cent, with a plain line in the message, Our Little Secret. Click-through was 10 per cent, although the only offered links were to the site. During the three day period following the e-mail promotional, Milk Handmade had nearly $1,000 in revenue generated solely by clients who had been notified.

Not only do you have the opportunity to increase revenue by rewardsing your best clients, but you also have the opportunity to increase your customer retention and make the referrals you need to expand and do more business. So when you build your next ad campaigns, first think about your best clients and how you can add value to them.

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