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Review user reviews from top reseller hosting providers, find out what to look out for in reseller hosting, and compare the best reseller hosting providers. The HostGator offers some of the most comprehensive reseller plans we've ever seen. Check out the Internet's top reseller hosting providers: You are here looking for the best reseller hosting company, right? The SiteGround reseller hosting program is aimed at web designers and developers who maintain their customers' websites on a long-term basis.

The Best Web Hosting Reseller of 2018

Website-hosting is usually a site that you will buy only for your own use, but sometimes it is worth thinking larger. For example, if you run your own company as a web design company or web development company, it might make good business to offer web hosting as an additional feature for your clients.

A lot of web hosting companies have reseller plans where you can buy a set of ressources - storage capacity, bandwith, a number of cPanel discounts - to share and resell as you like. The cost can be very low, sometimes only $1.40 or $2.80 per monthly per bankroll, so you can concentrate hosting in other businesses with very little effect on your bottom line.

Reseller hosting, for example, may look inexpensive, but that's because you probably need to be the first port of call for customer outreach. Reseller licenses include a free license for WHMCS, an industrial grade solution for managing and automating hosting set-up, accounting and technical services. You' re usually able to personalize the console with your own logo, and the best hosting companies have dedicated reseller training sessions and dedicated technical assistance to keep your organization going well.

There is no way to pinpoint the best resale plan because it will vary according to the product you want to resell. You should first take a look at identifying web hosting companies that match the breadth of planning and assistance you need, and then comparing which resale programs they have. In order to help you better comprehend what you should be looking for, we have five interesting reseller product listings from some of the major manufacturers.

IntoMotion is a powerful web hosting company that provides a wide variety of hosting solutions, among them one of the most complete reseller hosting offerings ever. R-1000S initial cost is $13.99 per monthly ($27.99 on renewal) for 80GB of hard drive storage and 800GB of bandwith, but there is no limitation on the number of cPanel account you can build, and everyone gets limitless sub-domains, e-mail locations, database and FTP account (within available hard drive space).

The VPS-1000 reseller VPS plans up ramp up to 4TB bandwith, 4GB memory and free SSL. There is still no limitation on the number of cPanel accounts you can open, and the cost of services is $41. 64 per months for the first period, $54. 99 for renewals. There is a free license for WHMCS, the industrial standards suite for the management of your customers' accounting and technical assistance.

Bundling an iNom Domain Reseller Accounts allows you to sell top-level domain names and SSL Certificate, and providing wholesale labeling assistance enables you to build customized hosting plans, use named server anonymity, and brand yourself on customized topics. Maybe the true benefit of InMotion is the great customer service, which is very important when you are trying to resolve issues for your customers.

The calculation of hard drive memory needs is a challenging task for any hosting reseller. A lot of schedules assign less than 1 GB per person, but will that really be enough, and what happens if you need more? Tsohost's reseller hosting scheme is designed to help you get a better night's rest by offering limitless memory and bandwith for up to 100 locations.

This is less likely than storage capacity, we think, as most small and small businesses do not reach this level, but it is something to consider. No WHCMS license or other accounting, merchandising or technical service is included in the schedule. Your organization charges you for the reseller program and it is your responsability to bill your own clients.

Kernservice is a respectable one, which includes Let's Encrypt SSL for all your clients, day-to-day backup - not something you always see with reseller account - and a free unique domainname for your own company when you need it. A lot of hosting reseller schemes focus on the simplest and weakest product.

This may keep the cost low, but the shortage of functionality will also make it harder to resell the maps later. SiteGround reseller planning is somewhat more demanding. Everyone gets 10 GB of hard drive storage and cPanel page administration, and there is no limit to bandwith, e-mail address, database and FTP-account.

Those account costs more than the very low competitors, but they are hardly costly, with rates beginning at $3. 5 a months over a year. Others often ask you to prepay for your resource to help perhaps serve several hundred customers, whether or not you need it at the beginning of your business.

With SiteGround you can buy much smaller quantities of maps - five for the start, 11 or more for the best value - and these are only enabled when you are selling them. For example, if you buy 20 maps in June, they never run out. No matter if you are selling them in terms of dates, week or month, each of them will still give you a full year of hosting from the date the accounts are opened or extended.

The way you run and run the organization is entirely up to you, but SiteGround provides a basic account verification console (there is a tutorial here), and a whitelabel feature and a personal DNA update ensure that you can use your own labeling anywhere. Krystal was founded in 2002 and is a UK domiciled organisation that provides several basic reseller account options for its joint web hosting.

An intermediate 50 cPanel account stack comes with 100GB of disk space, and you get limitless bandwith, MySQL database, mailbox and subdomain, a clustered site builder, free SSL Certificate, and free week and month backup. WHM (Web Host Manager) and WHMCS accounting system allows you to administrate your clients' cPanel account, automatize accounting and much more.

All these are also available as wholesale version, which means that your clients will only ever see your logo. Krystal Trust Triple is probably the best value and offers you 50 cPanel 100GB disk space for $35 per months on an AYP. There is a only one free domainname if you need one (this is one domainname for the whole schedule, not per cPanel account), no set-up charge, and you are backed by a 60 day cash back warranty in case something goes awry.

Infinity subscription allows infinite cPanel account and doubled disk space to 200 GB. We' re not sure if this is the $82 per months rate (annual plan), but it's available when you need it. We have seen that resale of web hosting generally includes some significant work in adjusting your planning, merchandising and sales of your product, and delivering tech to your customers.

Get much more support with the Reseller Program from goaladdy. By registering, you will receive a pre-built, customisable shop with your own logo (GoDaddy is not mentioned), packaged payment cards to process orders and then receive support from GoDaddy's own team. Now you can sell all your key products from ClickandBuy Back to ClickandBuy, plus domains, hosting, SSL Certificate, WordPress Management Plan, GoDaddy's Website builder and more.

Those blueprints offer some help with distribution and merchandising. There are a number of customisable promotional opportunities your business can take advantage of, as well as discounts granted to certain clients, and comprehensive report management will help you concentrate your effort where it delivers the best results. Basic Reseller Plan offers you all this and a 20% off on GoDaddy's selling price for $8.99 per month.

However, the Pro Reseller Scheme provides a 40% rebate for only $14. 99 per months, which is really valuable unless you have very few people. GoDaddy's Reseller Profit Estimator is an on-line tool that helps you better comprehend how much cash you can make and whether you are better off with Basic or Pro Reseller programs.

GoDaddy does not give you the liberty to profit from other merchants where you are totally free to share at will. However, it is also very simple to setup, and if you are looking for an easier way to resell, it might be a good one.

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