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Highest Google Adwords book

This is a short guide for beginners on how to use Google Adwords. Instructions on how to use, control and maximize Google AdWords. The ultimate guide to Google AdWords: Ads on Google AdWords, YouTube and the Display Network Paperback.

Which is the best book about Google AdWords?

Once I made the error of buying a Google Analytics book from a Google Analytics expert. Thought it would be full of information that isn't already in Google Help. Man, how bad I was. Essentially, it was 95% of the information in the Google Help.

Phrases were slightly longer, perhaps here and there a diagram, but essentially only Google Help Center. Google Help is really good for Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

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AdWords is the dominating on-line advertisement plattform, which is used by far more advertiser than the second largest plattform of the competition Facebook. Whilst Google has formal help file and a certain amount of formal coaching, the coaching is neither easily understood nor objectively, as the coaching firm (Google) is also the seller of the services.

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