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Complimentary web hosting is a great way to save money on your business expenses. Check out which are the best free web hosting plans for hosting a CMS or website. Complimentary web hosting has a terrible customer support. They're all free, so don't hesitate to try them all. AccuWebHosting is a free WordPress web hosting company based in the USA.

Was Is Free Website Hosting, What Are The Distinctions Between Free and Paid Web Hosting?

Was Is Free Website Hosting ? Like the name implies, free website hosting is a free, unpaid web hosting facility. Several of these beloved free web hosters are Blogger and Wordpress. If you create your sites with these free website hosting sevices, your site gets a name like and

When you want to get a website with a domainname that doesn't contain an alias, you need to buy a domainname and then get webhosting, which is usually a pay per visit feature. There are, however, many web hosting businesses that offer free web hosting with some or all of the products/services you buy from them.

There' s this one and only greatest benefit of free website hosting and that is - it comes for free at no charge. Now, if you are surprised why these free web hosting businesses let you make a website for free then you can be sure that they make no losses in this deal.

If you make your free website with them, they use your sites to place ads, flags, and other types of ads to generate income. So for example, if you get free web hosting from bloggers and if you use their ad-sense services, you get a percentage of the sales they generate from the ads they post on your sites.

Conversely, if you have a free website with Worldpress, you have no check on the placing or income earned from your free website hosting. It' s a different story when you get a website that' s housed by a fee-based web hosting group. It is your choice if you want to place advertising on your website or not and if so, then all the revenues from the advertising ads on the website come to you.

And there are many other distinctions between free and fee-based web hosting as well. There are some significant discrepancies between free and chargeable website hosting as well. This will give you a better idea of what is free web hosting and whether it is worthwhile to choose such free hosting for sites?

Ads on your site are monitored by the web hosting companies that offer you free web hosting. They may use pop-ups, flags or any other advertising on your website over which you have no influence. And if you also have selective controls, you can only choose what sizes of your web page will appear where on your website.

There is no way for you to monitor what advertising you place on the site. Quite the opposite, if you pay for web hosting, you have full ownership of your website and no outside person can make a decision for it. There is no free website hosting service. Complimentary service cannot be required to be equipped with value-added features.

When something goes awry with your website, there is no account management for sites created with free hosting. At the other end, payed web hosting sevices not only offer tech assistance to clients but they also offer them help instructions, tutorials etc.. Lower bandwith and lower traffic make free website hosting susceptible to increased down-time, while payed website hosting gives you optimal bandwith and traffic for peak operational time.

Also, you can't use a free web hosting facility to post more pictures or video because you don't have enough storage for them. But you can have the best of both worlds if you are willing to make a small payment for every web hosting services a web hosting provider provides. So for example we are offering a good web hosting package that comes with free on-line website builder and you just have to Pay nominale rate.

You' ll get free web hosting along with many other features and benefits such as e-mail ID and free Google Adwords credits that you can use to promote your website. Discount is better than any free website hosting facility as you get full ownership of your website at virtually very low costs!

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