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Best-of-breed Domain Affiliate Program

While you are making your move into the world of online marketing, the first thing you are likely to do is register a domain name for your blog or website. Would you like to join the Godaddy affiliate program and receive your affiliate links? The GoDaddy brand is one of the most popular brands in the domain and web hosting market. Affiliate Domain Name Program pays monthly without submitting reports and pays ongoing commissions for the lifetime of the domain name. In the ideal case your domain name:

Do domain registrars have an affiliate scheme?

Yes, I have checked several Registry Affiliate Program in my Best and Worst Domain Name Affiliate Program article: TLD list, which has been registered for more than 2 years in several partner programmes for registries. Others who have affiliate programmes that I didn't discuss in the article: I have many, many domain name successes.

Indeed, many affiliate registration companies have affiliate schemes. The Godaddy is one of them, and they can be profitable if they sell their other service to your partners. Uniregistry, which concentrates exclusively on the domain name market, is another. Their domain names have awesome domain names inventory functions, so your best chance to make a living with them is to recommend someone who works in the domain name industry and buys hundred of them.

They get an annual affiliate fee for domain names that are selling through them, which is quite neat, but can take a while to get set up because domain names are so inexpensive. So many domain registries have an affiliate program. Dynadot. go ahead and select an affiliate program to launch your affiliate domain from registry.

Good luck, man. Hello, Dynadot has a partner program for clients. It' free, so all you have to do is create an affiliate profile and earn money! Publics mistake GoDaddy for a good deal of good services all the while just because publics say they are because of the cute affiliate payoff.

Best And Poorest Domain Name Affiliate Programs

I' ve ranked the affiliate program on a rating from A+ ( the best ) to F- (don't spend your time). Those boys are offering a 10% provision on the first customer purchases. There is a $50 deposit requirement and the net fee paid will be retained for 60 workdays. Allows you to generate a customized voucher that grants a $1 rebate for each domain enrollment or domain move.

They' ll send you an e-mail when you get a referral fee (the only affiliate program that does). Feel free to contact us at any point in your life and you will get paid for the purchase of your domain name (again the only affiliate program that does). Disadvantages: You only get a provision for the first order of a new client. Paypal is the only payment option available except for bank accounts.

There is no need to register, create a statement or apply for payment. Affiliate programmes should all adhere to this example. Of course it would be great if they would also pay commission for more than just the 1. new customer acquisition, e.g. for all new customer acquisitions for 30 day or for domain extensions.

Namecheap' s provision is 15% of the first new customer sale. There is a $100 deposit requirement and the net winnings are kept for 30 trading day. There is no Paypal charge subtracted from your withdrawal. Disadvantages: No provision is made for the acquisition of domain names. There are no click reviews, and the merit review is somewhat concealed in the invoice section of your bankroll.

As soon as your winnings hit $100, you must make a manual withdrawal application. However, Namecheap usually makes the payment within the next workday. The Netim is a domain registration company that collects fees in Euro via Paypal. Net fees vary by TLD, but seem to be around 10% on averaging.

There is a 50 Euro deposit required. Commission is generated on all referrals made within 30 business days. All referrals are subject to a commission rate of There is no Paypal charge subtracted from your withdrawal. Disadvantages: You must create a manual reporting when your income exceeds 50 and then open a Suport Pass to request payment to your Paypal accounts.

However Netim usually makes the payment within 1 workday. The 1&1 has different fees depending on the products bought. Affiliate program is run through Commissioner Junction, so the deposit is at least $50. Provisions are kept for 60 years. Reasonable fees, even for the lower priced TLDs. Automated payment by wire transfers through Comission Junction.

Disadvantages: The Commission Junction website and report are a hotplate made of smelly trash. This price applies only to the first domain bought by the client, which can cause some confusion if the client tries to add or extend domain names. It has nothing to do with 1&1, but I need to take a minute to show how horrible Commission Junction's website is.

Here is my try to upload the transaction report website to the Affiliate Firefox Affiliate Team: Junction Affiliate Firefox Panels: Uniregistry affiliate fee differs by TLD, but most are 20% and a fistful 35%. There is a $250 deposit requirement and the net fee is kept for 60 workdays. Fees are also payable for the renewal of domains for clients you have recruited.

Disadvantages: $250 cash withdrawal limit. That is the highest level I have ever seen for an affiliate program. Uniregistry in 2015 chose not to compensate its partners for the commission they had already received for domain extensions, which of course was taken up with a great deal of pressure from its partners. In the same year I found out that none of my university registration fees were ever charged to me.

Others rang the bell saying they hadn't been hired either. Shortly thereafter, Uniregistry stretched out its hand to me, claiming that they had corrected their notes and eventually given me a disbursement. However, other affilates did not seem to be so fortunate. 101domain Affiliate Program provides 5% referral fee on new orders.

There is a $100 deposit requirement and the commission you earn is retained for 60 workdays. Disadvantages: Your affiliate messaging system is "broken", so it looks like you've deserved a whole hell of a bit more than you actually have. The affiliate program of 101domain is a little shit. Apparently, the prize reports available to you on their website do not contain anything like charge-backs and canceled orders.

So, while it may seem that you have made some cash, the 101domain Affiliate Service will disagree and send you an Excel sheet of what you have actually made, which is always much less than the Affiliate Income Statement would show on your website. There is no way to know how much you earn without regularly contacting them via e-mail and asking for the Royal Mail Act.

In addition, you must regularly verify that the system has detected that you have passed the $100 prepayment limit (Payments > Past Payouts > Search for a outstanding payout). As soon as a withdrawal is due, you must send an invoice to their invoice office at and tell them to send you a cheque for the withdrawal at

Let's get this out of the way first: these businesses and their partner programmes are rubbish., Netfirms and all operate similar sites, only with different brands and pictures. which has a very poor image, and they are reinforcing that image with their fraud partner programmes.

However, they maintain their conditions are 30% on all domain sells, the deposit is $50, and the net fees are kept for 30 trading day, with a maximum of $100 per client. Unfortunately, these affiliate programmes do not indicate the amount of money you have comfortably made.

Here is a sample reporting page: Corresponding to this Dunster reported I made a $11. 96 overall fee of $254. 51 in buys coming out at a 4. 7% fee-payment. Only a little below your required 30% fee, huh? Anyway, I produced about 15 of these botster january 2015 to dec 2016 jotster accounts, summed up all their sums and found out that I had made about $150 in committees.

Your affiliate program is a total fraud. You don't even owe your partners. According to Bigrock, they are paying 20% on 45-days retention and $50 thresholds for affiliate payments. In November 2015, her Affiliate Committee reported that I had made $143.62.

And if they really were a rupee, that would mean Bigrock sells domain names for about $0.07 USD each. I have made several inquiries in order to get a withdrawal, contact customer service, etc. It is possible that domain name affiliate programmes are profitable, but it is not simple to get there. Recommend a Ton of Paid Clients with Your Affiliate Link.

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