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The Best Digital Advertising

Where do you know which is the best platform for your business? What is the best place to start your paid traffic campaigns? Customer interactions determine the success of a brand in a digital world. Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also mobile phones, display advertising and other digital media. Looking for a digital advertising partner?

Best digital, interactive and socially responsible campaign of 2018 | Agency News

This issue ranks us among the top 10 of the year's best digital, inclusive and community creative initiatives. This campaign uses leading-edge technologies to inspire brand hearts, cooperativeness and humour in a variety of areas ranging from grocery, publications, automotive and engineering. They can also order pizzas and this year, thanks to BMW's Mini, you can conjure up a vehicle for a test ride.

Autumn this year, the automaker teamed up with the community to enable L.A. and San Francisco shoppers to have a Mini Countryman shipped home for a 30-minute test shoot by simply twittering with the #MINIonDemand hash tag. Campaigning for Wieden & Kennedy Portland's RX Bar, Kellogg's own, showed that you don't need a big movie to attract people.

It was a promotional drive for the brand's No-B. These efforts contributed to increasing market recognition from around 8 per cent to 15 per cent. In advertising and merchandising, sounds have become more and more important and we found this to be the most innovative concept in 2018. Nasdaq's own brand-name refreshment was also in line with the concept, as the business is more focused on focusing on technologies and the concept of "relentless opportunity".

" Number 6: MGM Resorts, "Universal Love" Inclusivity now seems to be a matter of course in today's market message, but this McCann New York-based MGM Resorts concept hugged her in a whole new way - opening up top recordings artist like Bob Dylan, Kesha and St. Vincent to re-record classical love tunes to recreate a contemporary debut release of LGBTQ's anniversary year.

Kesha's interpretation of a Janis Joplin melody, "I Need a Women to Love Me", in which the performer, an ordinated female secretary, presided over a same-sex marriage at the Bellagio Hotel. No 5: SCHEPPES, "The Respectress" Ogilvy Brasil and the drinks company SCHEPPES designed a gown equipped with a sensor that records when the user was moved without permission - and the results of the test were instructive.

It wasn't just for the technical good that Tec used the canvas. Rather, it used it to open viewers' minds to the continuity of sexually harassing in a year of #MeToo-popularity. No 4: Times of London, "JFK Unsilenced" Rothco and the Times of London used information to enable the worlds to speak that John F. Kennedy would have given in Dallas if he hadn't been murdered in 1963.

JFK worked with an engineering firm to analyse more than 800 of JFK's analogue records to recreate his words - which are surprisingly resonant in today's world. Subsequently, the winning entry was the 2018 Cannes Lions Creative Data Grand Prix. Domino for Pizza " Domino's Pizza has built a solid technological franchise that is a fast-food label that disguises itself with pioneering digital concepts such as e-moji and Twitter ordering.

This is how we titillated ourselves in 2018, when the preparer of the custard made his debut of turning away from technical magic. "A long-standing Domino agent Crispin Porter Bogusky's concept of "Paving for Pizza" encourages customers to notify the bad streets of their neighbourhood, and Domino's would help them fix them to make sure their cakes reach the consumer sound.

To date, Domino's has paving and expanding streets in 13 towns to develop programs for paving streets in at least one municipality in each of the 50 states. #2: The New York Times, "Overlooked" For International Women's Day in March, the New York Times got down to correcting a grave injustice by publishing posthumous aftersails by important woman in the story that it did not perform at her death.

As well as a new commercial in Droga5's current Times advertising campaigns, the debut of the event focused on the question of how "The Truth Is Hard". Her work has inspire many others to reinforce the embassy with exceptional imaginative inspirations, such as McCann New York's "The Victorious Cycle," a rousing musical clip that caused the mid-term election; the agency's "Price on Our Lives" action, where college kids wore prize labels to show how much they were "worth" to politicans accepting cash from the NRA gun advocacy group; and an Instagram colouring BBH workbook.

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