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Massage and aesthetic black from "Best Massage". Search the free classifieds in Hong Kong online. This is the most popular WordPress classifieds theme on the web.

home free to well | cats & kittens

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When you are considering bringing a nice cat to your home, please call today. Two wonderful little girls who are willing to abandon their mother and find their own affectionate families. Is only given to a lovely and thoughtful home.... Cat bedding educated, dewormed and without cats.

Fabby has just been adopted, so only the two sexy little cats are left, free for a good home. Preferred are those near Canterbury and preferably houses without canines. Kitty free to go home, kitty willing to go! Beuautiful.cute free kitty for a good home. I have called this kitty MISTY, she uses throw training and is domestic.

Intermediate Classifieds & Directory Professional

The ACADP is a professionally designed, high performance, customizable, high value directories plug-in that lets you build any type of directories site. With ACADP, you have the freedom to define an infinite number of user-defined boxes so that your website can seamlessly include any businesses you wish to promote. The ACADP provides a high level of configurability for site configuration:

Administrators can take care of all offers in the frontend, add new offers, category, location and edit their detail. AACADP gives you the freedom to choose what to show and how to show the frontend on site. Arcadp integrates pictures and videos in a simple way and offers all associated advantages for buyer and seller.

Advance Query gives you the versatility to filter results by a multitude of different criterias, and more: even if you have a lot of information about the results, the results can be filtered: Monetize the many choices available to your customers to make your offerings even tougher for additional revenues. Selected offers: Bill your customers if they want to add features to their offers or make them tacky.

Features listed lists are shown at the top of all lists. Encourage your customers to bid by generating charging schedules. Hide or show Google reCAPTCHA (v2) challenges in ACADP form. This is one of the best plug-ins ever made! ZOLLFELDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! User-defined fields! Have I said custom fields??????? Professional writing, class-based programming.

Small ads that were done GENAU right. Others classed schemes work, don't get me wrong, but this one here rather has the feel of a WP natively created. It' easy and stylish and gives you everything you need to get off the market - you don't have to look for a pile of extra features just to get a working classifieds or directories setup.

It was a great plug-in for my small ranking website, where I didn't want to emphasize the geographic position, but still wanted offers and review. I' ve been working with the plug-in for the last 2 month and the overall learning has been the best in comparison to other rated plug-ins I have tried. "The Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro" is open resource programming language.

The Gutenberg blocs for sites, catagories, offers, searching and the new layout of the offer forms. Optimize: The " Quick tags " checkbox for the frontend list from the TinyMCEditor. Fix: Problem when navigating with the slide control for individual pages. User-defined fields indicate the problem in each list page. Fix: problem displaying backCAPTCHA on individual listed pages when backCAPTCHA is deactivated for the checkbox "New List form" in the backend plug-in preferences.

View category drop-down or category drop-down using the ACADP Category Widget. View sites as a drop-down or drop-down by using the ACADP sites widget. Optimize: Look for more than one keyword. Fix: Problems when saving empty checkbox value of checkbox customizedfield kind in quotation forms. Ability to define user-defined forms instead of category boxes.

Optional to keep the offers permanently and never expire. Offers were incorrectly shifted to the 'Renewal' state. Added a new short code property "featured=0|1" to deactivate feature rankings, which are always added at the top of the listing archives. Added new short code properties for the short code "[acadp_search_form]" to adjust the search form view. Category drop-down problem when offers in top-level category are inactive.

Feed RSS URL problem in a unique catagory, site pages. View offers in any order. We have added a new containers CSSSlass ' acadp-entry-featured' to the list of presented items. In this way, the user can design the presented offers according to their needs. Optimize: Show videos, maps, contacts on the page with individual offers without using a widget.

Fix: Browser titling problem with individual category/location pages. Fix: Sort problem when adding the ACADP collection page as a fixed cover page. Fix: Displays the descriptions in individual category/location pages. No changes were made to the listed slot during processing. Image supports for catagories added. Add new ACADP listings widget. New user-defined URL filedetype added.

Ability to limit the list of entries in the top group. New short code property "view" added to display quotes for a specific opinion. The first picture from the offers is added as a feature automatic. Possibility to use "WP-Editor" or "TextArea" as text editors in the offer from. This is the amount of the price added next to the "Price" tag on the quote page.

Displays a short descriptions of the user-defined fields in the frontend. Lists include problem in the pages "Categories", "Locations". Fix: Problem with rotating images in ID devices. Fix: The problem with displaying the labeled "I accept conditions" in the quotation request is displayed. Categorie name is displayed as track instead of list name. Add the maps for the offers. Problem emailing the owner of a list.

Fix:'Glyphicons' problem displaying on a unique offer page when e-mail, telephone number and website boxes are empty. Add new ACADP List Address Widget. Add new ACADPisting Contact Widget. Add new ''ACADP List Video' widget. Optimized: The page with the individual offers was redesigned. Add new Widget'ACADP Categories'. Add a new wideget 'ACADP Locations'.

User-defined arrays show the problem on the details page of the list. In the namespace, to make it more consistent with non-bootstrap topics, it changed the name of the asset 'acadp-bootstrap. css'. Optimize:'Featured','Popular' &'New' added next to the name. Displaced the Locations pane from the Category selection pane in the Find widget. Advertising badge left on the side for the administration of offers.

Fix: Problem with the image on the detail page of the list. Incorrectly open diagram tags on ACADP pages with welfare-sharing buttons. Fix: Problem masking category, location, user-defined field and pricing field in Find widget. A new short code property has been added to determine the order in which check lists are displayed. New short code attributes added to allow you to narrow offers by characteristics.

New short code feature added to define the size of the view. Registration added and forgotten your login link in the login formform.

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