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The Best Affiliate Program to Buy

Or, if you are curious about whether a particular company within your niche has a partner program, you can try this technique: Let's try Best Buy + Affiliate Program:. In-depth information about the Best Buy Canada affiliate program, including affiliate manager or OPM contact information, network IDs and more. Learn more about the Best Buy affiliate program. Would you like to join the Best Buy affiliate program?

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Under the following links you will find the most important information you need to register for the program. As soon as you have filled out the registration request, you will get a LinkShare Site ID, which is your identification in the LinkShare area. LinkShare will email you a quote via the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard within three working hours (72 hours) so you can get to work.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you do not get an estimate within three working day. Affiliates must include the LinkShare Affiliate Tracking Codes with their requests to get credits for purchases. The LinkShare Affiliate Tracking Codes can be found first by going to the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard API and viewing each and every hyperlink that your affiliate generates.

Follows COM carts and recommendation purchases to your LinkShare affiliate tracking codes. You can find your LinkShare Affiliate Tracking Codes in the Publisher Dashboard by choosing links, click on one of your affiliates, select a kind of links from the field on the right, and then click GetLink. Eleven -digit id= is your LinkShare Affiliate Tracking Program ID.

Which is Affiliate Branding? An affiliate marketer is an on-line ad network where sellers (online retailers who resell a product or service) buy only results from a publisher (independent party who advertises an advertiser's product or service on their website), such as a user making a sale or completing a request rather than just paid to target a specific public.

In the case of affiliate merchandising, the distinction is that marketers only charge their publisher when the launch of a new customer leads to a sales or leads, making it a low-risk and profitable business proposition for both of them. You can also find detailed information about these tariffs in the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard when you become an official member of the program.

There are a few different ways of communicating that you will get during the course of our relationship: As soon as you join the program, you will get our Affiliate Newsletters in your LinkShare email. A few days after participating in the program, you will get an extra, personalised email from a member of our LinkShare group.

In addition, as part of our email marketing campaign, you will be notified of our 2-day and 3-day purchases, promotional announcements (notifications of program changes or other high-priority news) and of course holiday deals and promotional activities! To make sure the program is growing and that our publisher is succeeding, we can get in touch with you to establish the relationships, optimise our rankings or take part in a poll or canvass.

Where can I find out more about our week offer and how to sell? The best choice for you is our monthly newsletters! There is a large selection of advertising and text labels, a special re-direct label (so you can re-direct to single products), a sturdy catalogue of our own brands, as well as open API's and more. The LinkShare solution provides timely reports that allow publisher to see near real-time purchases and orders.

Remember that due to cancellation, return and deletion of deceptive orders, your payment may/will differ from the publisher's coverage. Also, if you agree to the program name in LinkShare, you agree to our searching guidelines. Be sure to read it thoroughly before acceptance of the program conditions to make sure you can adhere to them.

When an affiliate wants to use the Buying Options API, there are some rules he should obey to make sure he gets his affiliate credits. Affiliates can use the Purchase Options API in order to verify available quotes, but must use their LID to make a second call to our Product Options API in order to create their LinkShare URLs. LinkShare will then automatically send their LinkShare URL to the Affiliate.

What is the use of my LinkShare Affiliate Tracking ID and what is the different between my LinkShare Affiliate Tracking ID and my LinkShare Site ID? You can also refer to your LinkShare Affiliate Tracking ID, Affiliate ID, Rakuten Affiliate Network ID or Encrypted ID as your LinkShare Affiliate Tracking Number. This is an 11-digit alpha-numeric identifier that can be found by selecting GetLink from your Rakuten Publisher Dashboard.

If a client uses either one of the affiliateUrl or the AddToCartUrl (and all other requirements are met), an affiliate will receive the corresponding sales credits. LinkShare Site ID (SID) is a unique number used in the Rakuten Affiliate Network to help us track different types of affiliate websites. Raukuten The Raukuten Service can use your LinkShare Site ID to find your data set, so please add it to any communication you submit to Raukuten.

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