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It is clear that there is good money to be made with affiliate marketing if you know what you are doing. Very helpful if you want to increase your traffic! Some good ways to search for affiliate programs. A book you can promote as a blogger? AdSense is Google's most popular CPC program.

As a book blogger you earn cash Part 5: Affiliate Links

Earlier rates we created our own blogs, and we worked to build our site on them.

affiliate merchandising is the web based affiliate product of being paid on commissions. Subscribe to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or other on-line vendors and then advertise your book on your blogs by adding affiliate hyperlinks (on the face of it, these hyperlinks are no different from normal hyperlinks, and you can go to certain book pages, find what you're looking for, or go to categories in the bookstore).

When one of your reader links and buys the book or e-book, you get a percent of the sale value (this differs from merchant to merchant, but 5-7% is about average for books). It is not difficult to register as an affiliate and it costs nothing.

These are the login link for the most important: It is also possible to join Commission Junction if you want to look around and see what other affiliate programs they have.

Text anchors that are directly added to a mail are the best choice when it comes to selling. Amazon in particular has many possibilities (product preview, flags, lucky charms, etc.), but I suggest you stick to old-fashioned text link. Fifteen years after we stared at web advertising we' ve all become good at disregarding it, and funny Widget's tends to overload a website, but direct link in the article's contents is another matter.

As we probably read the words on the page, we will more likely note it and click on a hyperlink in the pathway of our eye. The majority of our affilates have assistants of different levels of difficulty who will lead you through the creation of the desired hyperlinks.

Reviewing does a good traditional conversion work for you (turning clicking left into right end sales). If you are not taking part in an author's blogs or similar, you should refrain from creating hyperlinks to the author's various websites and community websites.

It' up to you, but the less things to click in the posting, the more likely it is that they will click on your affiliate hyperlinks (you can always hyperlink to your favourite writers in a blog roll over in your menu).

Still can you make a living telling those folks to stay away from that book? If your book report isn't complimentary, you may wonder if it's rewarding to add affiliate hyperlinks. At times, people's taste is different from yours, and they may still want to try the book. Or they click on the hyperlink to see if the Amazon review matches yours, and then they can run away and buy something else in the shop.

Even if you are posting a critique that suggests keeping away from a book, you could always end up with a few referrals (of course affiliate links) to similar readings you enjoyed. Though you may like a book, you don't have the feeling that you need to make it ring ultra-scintillating to get your readers to buy it.

The reader will appreciate it when your ratings are evenly matched and provide good and poor points. I' d like to stress once again that no amount of brilliance with which you place your affiliate link or how great you review your ratings will make you no profit unless you have someone to visit your site.

More about Smashwords, in particular, and how to find writers who offer high affiliate rates.

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