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affiliate marketing is an important source of online revenue, but those are the top affiliate programs and networks for online marketers. The Affiliate Window, or AWIN, is a UK based affiliate network. Which are your best affiliate programs for British players? It could include programme management, monitoring, reporting and processing of payments. What makes British bloggers interested in affiliate marketing?

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Much of the business on the web is willing to buy you to buy their product for them. An overwhelming majority are Americans, but I will restrict this to British businesses. You can find a small choice here. When you are looking for something specific, send me an email with your requests and I will see what I can find.

These one-stop stores give you the opportunity to register with several different UK businesses and get your money rewarded in sterling, making it easier for you to meet the thresholds that you may not meet with certain companies: US Commission Junction firms with a selection of hundred partner programs - mainly in the US, but with a rising number of UK firms.

Selection of 30 different currency options, plus Pound and Dollar for your payments. European company with British division for British businesses with a large selection of British schemes to select from. Affiliate Future is a newly formed UK based affiliate that has a minipayment of just 20 and a broad array of offerings, many of which pay a fee for visiting and signing up, rather than just selling.

affiliate window - UK business. Large choice of businesses to select from. British Affiliates - British affiliate that offers British affiliate programs and pays in GBP. A good choice of budget name programs to select from.fform - Newcomers with a good choice of UK pay-per-lead and games programs.

This is another recent addition to the industry with a fast expanding selection of programs, many of which are paying for free registrations. MMGUK. com - High-quality affiliate programs from well-known finance and industry leaders. Below are some of the agency listings that provide a mixture of programmes, many of which are targeted at a British public, and a greater selection if your website draws a global public.

The ClixGalore - a mixture of mainly British, Australia and US programmes, but also programmes from other European currencies, all of which are paid for in national currencies - either via paid leads or via sales. Checking My Stats is another with powerful British and Australia programs, in Addition to the USA, with a large share of paid per Leads programs.

OffersQuest. com - Although a US site that pays in US dollar, this affiliate networking probably provides the highest payouts ever for pay-per-lead programs. Whatever programs you support, you could be squandering your precious amount of work if you don't know what you're doing. Rosalind Gardner accompanies you in her down-to-earth, sincere and often amusing manner through the whole online affiliate development proces.

Over 270 pages and more than 73,000 words, you'll find out how to select the best programs, bargain for a higher fee, and spend less valuable resources on everything from affiliate programs to web services. If you are already an Affiliate or haven't selected yet, click here and email us an empty email to get the Affiliate Masters course... It's an intense 5-day email course to become a high paying Affiliate Champion.

Whichever affiliate programme you select, this course will help you be successful. Type "MASTERS" (all upper case characters, without quotation marks) at the beginning of the reference line, otherwise you will not get the course. In the following you will find a choice of programs, arranged by categories. Send me an email if you're looking for programs that supplement your own website and can't find what you're looking for by giving me your website location or topic detail.

lf not, e-mail me. Then you will get a verification email that requires verification to verify that you want to sign up.

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