Best Affiliate Programs 2015

Top Affiliate Programs 2015

28 September 2015 11:07. Recently, was ranked eighth affiliate network in the Revenue+Performance Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Network 2015 Blue Book survey. With about 4,000 registered merchants, ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate programs on the Internet. 30 September 2015;

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Analyze 550 Best Affiliate Programs to Uncover Top 20 Nishes

One of the most common affiliate related question is "hot niches" and "best affiliate programs". It is possible to mirror the relative "consistency" of a partner programme in different ways. Conversant's CJ uses a 5-step gamut chart, ShareASale places its top advertiser in a Top 100 PowerRank, Affiliate Window rates traders according to their AWin index.

Sometimes we have a fairly clear grasp of the factors that contribute to making one affiliate programme higher ranked than another, in others not. However, there are three important metrics that can help us separate the more powerful affiliate programs from the remainder - especially when we use these metrics in a bunch of flowers.

Seeking to analyse America's best affiliate programs, I have accessed all important US affiliate network. On some occasions (with CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) and ShareASale) I was able to retrieve the information myself; on others (with Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly LinkShare), AvantLink, Affiliate Window and LinkConnector) the network was kind enough to provide me with the information of their best affiliate programs.

A few network could not provide me with the required information, but with a total of 550 partner programs across 6 network, I believe I analysed a sampling. As one of the things that spoke to me while comparing the information obtained from various affiliate networking sites, it was the fact that our 550 top affiliate programs 486 (or about 88.4%) can be divided into 20 large classifications.

In addition, if we analyse only the top 10 classifications, we see that they are represent by a combined 391 affiliate programs (or 71.1% of the 550 sample), and the cake chart looks like this:

Which are the best affiliate market programs for 2015?

The LiveChat affiliate programme is definitely one of the best affiliate and recommendation programmes available. Why is our programme appealing? 1. our programme provides a FIX 20% recurring fee for the entire life of the accounts. Our provision policies are kept as straightforward as possible.

It is designed to establish long-term relations and instead establish win-win alliances. Affiliate: where we give 20% on every customer transaction that is paid by a customer who registers through your affiliate list. Through our expert programme you can provide your service to as many as 100 businesses. This programme gives you the opportunity to make your abilities known to prospective buyers by being listed on the expert marketplace.

Become an Authorized Live Chat Expert and gain the number of benefits that will give you a head start over other businesses in your field, including: Get new Lead from the Expert Marketplace, gain online expertise designed to help you get up and running easily, LiveChat Expert certification that confirms your skill and membership in our team.

The application at LiveChat Partner is free and as easy as possible. It has been conceived in such a way that it is easy to access and does not overwhelm its user with superfluous red tape.

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