Best Affiliate Banners

Top Affiliate Banners

What really shines about LinkShare is its ability to create rotating banners. This banner directs the affiliate to the homepage of the merchant's website. They can create affiliate banner image ads with any dimension. To get the best results with your affiliate banners, you need to make them stand out and at the same time your visitors want more. Another size used by publishers are the default banner sizes:

Affiliate Creative Best Practice, Banners and Values

Here are some best practices to help you deliver compelling, efficient creativity to your partners, as well as brands they can use to their advantage. If you are giving your partners materials to advertise your product, it is important to make it as simple as possible by giving them ready-made advertising banners that they can attach to their own web sites or e-mail notices.

Following these easy best practice examples will give your partners a range of designers to present your goods or solutions to prospective clients. Kreative banners should be easy and efficient. Deliver one core per ad that you want to deliver about your specific project or business and use a few images to highlight it.

Kreative banners should be coordinated with the positioning and styling of your website. consistency is critical - preserve the image of your brands in your creativity to increase influence on prospects. Your smaller the area of your created web page files, the more efficient it will be to upload them to your website. According to point number 1 above is simply best.

Attempt not to overload your banners with high-resolution pictures. You can have banners of any height or dimensions, but we strongly suggest you consider the usual dimensions of best practices banners - they are more likely to be compliant on several sites and in e-newsletter submissions. Sometimes affilates can make their own creatives or market materials.

In order to make sure that your corporate or website branding is as uniform as possible throughout your affiliate communication, you should give your affilates some pointers on how to use your brands asset. Trademark values contain items of your trademark or website, such as high-resolution logo, color, specific copies and policies for use on other sites or in banners. Page on your website and submit any items you want partners (or other visitors/customers) to use when promoting your website.

Here is an example of our own fire asset page on our website that everyone can see: The provision of trademark values will ensure that when subsidiaries (or other individuals) produce their own promotional materials that promote your website, your company or trademark has a certain degree of consistency. Although creative individuals are slightly different and appear in different places by different individuals, their brands have the same values.

You' re considering asset values like: Create your own pixel sized banners (width x height): Banners filesize: Recommanded data formats: Keep in mind that some browser and device do not natively handle some types of files (e.g. Flash?), so if you are using an animal based fileset, make a fixed picture the same dimension as a back-up.

Please note: To allow creative people to join your favorite community sites, you can save pictures on a partner's computer and upload them to the community site. Sometimes in certain types of community sites (e.g. Facebook) the HTML provided by creative people cannot be used directly in the sharebox. The Affiliate can then use the text and if necessary provide a hyperlink.

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