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Australia's top agency rankings unveiled in 2017

Here is an extract from the February edition of AdNews. 2017 was a fantastic year for Australia in terms of international award ceremonies. Much of the triumph has been driven by a few stores and one in particular, but what's good for an Australia is good for the whole country.

Focusing on Australia and reminding us that we are not a backbone of creation, but a powerful package of globally generated creation. It may be difficult to reproduce this successful performance in 2018, but it is a great daydream to pursue. AdNews Top Agency Ratings provide a measure of the performance of Australia agencies at top awards ceremonies, both locally and internationally.

The points are given for prizes won in 20 regional and internationally recognized competitions. In Clemenger' s 70-year career, there has been one consistent feature of our company' s successful track record, but the agency' s achievements over the past year have been unparalleled. She spoke at Cannes, returned a grand total of 56 Leuven and was voted Best of the Best from around the globe as the best of the best globally voted Natural Lion of the Year.

He also won five AdNews category at the Awards of the Year for the AdNews Agency of the Year, among them the overall Agent of the Year, and was also the Campaign Brief Agent of the Year. His work for TAC, the now famed Graham, was a special feature for the firm, and other remarkable work, such as Airbnbs' "Until We All Belong" and Mars "Hungerithm", brought them metals at almost every awards show.

But while the point difference between the leading rider and his competitors is considerable (you could ride a considerable truck), beyond Clemenger's stunning triumph, there have been other attractions this year for Australia agencies that should not be overlooked. The second place in the ranking went to The Monkeys. Formerly an independently owned company, the company had a stormy year and is now part of Accenture Interactive.

The Media Federation of Australia has won most of its metals this year, and unexpectedly, the Media Federation of Australia has won the most. Creatively integrating a listening test concealed in an emotional ad impresses at numerous regional accolades and shows around the world, earning points in Cannes, Spikes, Clios, One Show Overseas and At Home, MFA, ADMA AC&E and Effies Auditions.

Most of the winner is due to the work of 'Through The Dark' for Google. As part of a Google Playmusic advertising effort, the movie included the Australia hip-hop act the Hilltop Hoods. GTB - the tailor-made Ford agent - was another remarkable achievement this year.

Situated just outside the top 20, the collaboration store has done well at The Australian Effies and MFA awards. Given that efficiency is the enabler of success, the outstanding achievement of the BMF in Australian Effies cannot be ignored. Here she achieved more than twice as many points as any other Australian Football Association team.

Most points came from the Cannes Lions, who earned 21% of all points, followed by AWARD with 20%, The MFAs with 11% and the AdNews Agency of the Year Awards with 9%. This year' s ranking also shows the predominance of holdings and network, with very low levels of independence.

Only very few agencies outside of Sydney or Melbourne make the top 50, but Clems Brisbane, Y&R Brisbane, 303MullenLowe Perth and Publicis Q from Brisbane are the best. You can find the complete top agency ranking in the February issue of AdNews. Subscribe to the AdNews email as we do on Facebook or join us on Twitter to read throughout the entire blog about our story and campaign.

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