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Are there any fees to become an affiliate? First of all, you must become a member of the ShareASale Affiliate Network, which is our third-party program administrator. If I live outside the United States, can I become an affiliate? You are not obliged to buy our products to become an affiliate, but it always helps to promote what you believe in. Participate in our affiliate program through the Rakuten Marketing Network and earn commissions on our beautiful books.

What does it do?

By participating in the affiliate software, you will get a one of a kind affiliate site that you can either share with others or place on your website, bulletin board or blogs. As soon as you are registred, you will get a special email for you. To enter the affiliate area, please login. You can join the affiliate scheme here if you are not an affiliate:

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An Affiliate Program? Being an affiliate allows you to make cash while enhancing the contents of your website. Are there any fees to become an affiliate? Participating in our affiliate program is completely free. May a website outside the United States be an affiliate?

Just review and agree to our affiliate agreement and online registration. Will my website be entitled to become an affiliate? The majority of websites are entitled to take part in the Programme, but we retain the right to decline a website subscription or withdraw a website subscription at any moment.

Which are my tasks as an Affiliate? All you are in charge of is using the tags creator, creatives and link generators so that you can link and place on your website. What can I do to modify my information?

Where can I make a link? Use our automated HTML tags creator to generate HTML that you edit and insert into your website. Tags generate thousands of different kinds of link to our product and full page creative content. Consider where your link will receive the most attention for those who are interested in our product.

And how often should I refresh my link? Each week we are adding new items so that you have many ways to tailor the link to the interests of your people. Where do I get to know how much I' ve been earning?

Impact Radius pays by cheque, ACH, bank transfer or PayPal for a percent of the purchases you refer to our website after earning $50 in referral fees. This program is for your own personal use only and you may not acquire any products through this program. In the event that a customer refunds a refundable item or reverses a charge due to litigation or chargeback due to a fraudulent activity, your balance will be charged all fees generated by that activity.

The only thing you need to do is to place your website link. Every link from your website to our website contains a clear identification so that every times a visitor comes to us through your website, we know that we will give you a voucher when a sale is made. However, this is only possible if you link all your pages with the link creator on our partner area.

Could you trace them seperately, but give me a fee cheque? They can have several websites under one affiliate or affiliate profile. Allows you to link and report specifically for each site, but gives you control over commissions on all your websites.

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