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If you join our affiliate program, you will receive an affiliate link that you can use on your website or in your emails. Advantages of being an affiliate marketer. Can I become an Affiliate? Many companies out there require you to be a member of their product/service before you can be a partner. Can I become an Affiliate?

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Every time you sell a certain item, you will earn a fee of up to 80% of the value of the entire item. A small up front return allows you to build a profitable store without having to leave your home and with limitless opportunities. There is no need to have a specific software in order to launch your online shop.

Sign up for free and begin joining the best brands on the shelves. Finding the right one for your customers will be very simple. If you take part in the promotion of these items, you can receive a higher fee than the manufacturer itself. Generate promotional campaign and make royalties on your U.S. dollar overseas purchases.

Evaluates the selling power of a given item based on performance metrics such as selling histories and customer ratings. Evaluates the qualitiy of the information about the device provided by the manufacturer. And the more comprehensive and accurate they are, the better the blueprint valuation and the better the chance of becoming a bestseller.

Normally, it is better to advertise a product with a larger building plan. Ebooks, info graphics, surveys... You are the one who selects what you want to provide in order to differentiate yourself from other members. Alternate sites make you the one who selects which producer's content you will use in your ads, giving you more versatility and allowing you to direct your ads towards your audiences.

By being a member of a worldwide group when you are offering a customer a product and that customer chooses to buy another from the same manufacturer, the system recognizes that you are also in charge of that sales and assigns the fee to your bankroll. Also, if the friend you recommend keeps buying, you will always get the referral fee.

HotLeads also make sure that the selling commission you generate from your lead is forwarded to you without cookie indentification. Using the advertising materials provided by the manufacturer, you do not have to think about the creation of graphics, concepts or promotional messages for your campaign, which saves you a lot of free space to engage in various types of work.

Using real-time reporting, you always have the information you need to gauge the success of your ad campaign and adapt it to achieve better results. Ever thought about developing your own products?

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