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You are not sure which banner size you need and how much you should spend? View a list of the most popular banner sizes, find the best for your needs, compare sizes and prices. What is the recommended image size for the scrolling banner on the start page to display it optimally? Our advertising agency is planning to create a banner for an upcoming email campaign that we will publish. How big should my banner be?

10 most efficient banner sizes

When you spend any amount of your merchandising budgets on screen ads, you'll want to know what banner size is most efficient to create impact, traffic clicking and eventually leads to revenue. On the basis of the Ad Impress share, this item classifies the top 10 banner types from top to bottom in Google's ad network.

Figures are backed by billion -dollar advertisements around the world and released in a Google development paper on screen ads. To create the right banner size, it is important to know what ad stock is available. A publisher chooses the size of the banner ads he wants to publish on his website.

By choosing the right banner size as an advertisers, you restrict the effective range of your advertising campaign. These are the most important banner formats in the Google Adwords ad network: Top 3 banner size accounts for 78% of all ad imprints served: Top 10 banner size accounts for 90% of all advertising.

Initially, I suggest you focus on the top 3 banner formats and then grow from there. Here is a detailled breakdown of the top 10 banner size inclusive Ad Impress share. In Google network displays, the middle square is the most commonly used banner size. One third of all ad impressions are recorded.

Ranking is the second most common banner size in the ad serving area, only one percent behind the middle square. Featuring an impressive 13%, the broad sky-scraper is the third most common banner size in the ad serving area. Banner " is in 4th place with an Impressionsanteil of 3%.

Smaller scale versions of the tower capture 2% of all sensations serviced. Rectangles are a particularly interesting advertising medium as they have the second highest percentage of increase (70%) among the top 10 banner thicknesses. Although its overall impact is only 2%, it is likely to have a much greater impact in the finance sector.

Half-page banner is one of the bigger so-called premiums ad size. This accounts for 1% of ad impressions, although with a rapid 37% increase. Not only does the middle square have a much greater impact, it remains increasingly popular where the large square shows no signs of growing.

Ranked number one among the top 10 banner size companies. But with a 119% increase, it surpasses all other banner formats. It is definitely a size that you should add to your admix and it will soon have a much greater impact. If you' re just getting started, the top 3 banner formats give you 78% control over all your ads.

Top 10 banner size accounts for 90% of all banner views you get. Tens of non-standard banner formats account for only 10% of advertising effectiveness. Rather than creating banner size beyond the top 10 for a few extra imprints, make sure you include text in your Google Adwords ad campaigns.

You can run your text ad on almost any website in the ad ecosystem because your text ad is auto-adapted to your positioning needs. So if you want to try some banner size experiments that are not currently in the top 10, here are a few suggestions: A complete listing of over 40 Google DaWords banner size support is available at this location.

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