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Add a page banner: Go to the page and click Annotation Settings in the page preview. Several designs have a banner, a large image at the top of the page. anner is a global leader in industrial automation, helping its customers increase efficiency, reduce costs, ensure quality, monitor and control processes. In order to display a banner on multiple pages, it must be duplicated and placed on each page.

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A full width banner can be displayed at the top of each page of your Five website. There' two kinds of buses in Five: Side banner - ads on single pages. Sitewide Banner - Shows on every page that does not have a sitewide banner. Add in Site Styles. Picture or colour only, does not supports videos.

In order to determine how the headers are displayed, open the Site Styles and browse down to the Header section. When the Page thumbnail as banner check box is cleared, the picture or colour of the location-wide banner is displayed on each page. The page banner is not displayed. When page thumbnail is enabled as a banner, page flags are displayed. You can see the picture or colour of the location-wide banner on all pages that do not have a page banner.

Please note: The banner of the website is displayed on the basket page. No side banner exists for this page. Five allows you to insert page headers on the following page types: Pictures banner - album, blog, event, gallery, products and normal pages. Videobanner - album, blog, event and normal pages. How to specify a side banner picture or video:

In Page Settings, insert a miniature picture or movie Url to the page. Make sure that the page miniature view is enabled as banner optimization in the website's designs. All pages without a preview picture or movie show the location-wide banner picture or the colour. How to define a location-wide banner image: Go to Site Styles and browse down to the header area.

To optimize the header wallpaper in Site Styles, click the header wallpaper. Click a wallpaper to attach a picture from your computer in the pop-up window that pops up, or click Search for Picture to attach a still picture. Site broad flags do not allow the use of videos. Stylish the picture with the available optimizations. Adding a site-wide banner picture displays design choices.

Design a site-wide banner picture to be repeated, to be displayed at the banner's width or width, or to fill the banner pedestal entirely. Select how your banner will fit into the banner area. Car - The picture maintains its initial width and elevation. It is good for smaller pictures that you want to reproduce.

Covers - Scales the picture as large as necessary to fully conceal its contents (fully vented). Consequently, the banner may look different between pages according to the length of the page contents. Include - Scales the picture to fit its longest border into the banner area. Redo your banner picture.

No repetition - Displays the picture only once. Retry - Rotate the picture in all direction. repeat-x - repeats these steps in a series across the horizontally aligned axes. repeat-y - repeats these steps in a series along the perpendicular axes. Defines the location of the banner picture. If this option is enabled, the location of the picture will remain behind the scrollable contents.

Sideways banner pictures have the same styling choices as backgrounds. And because the reactive look changes the size of the banner on your site for different browsers sizes, it's a good way to see what your site looks like on a desktops with the look on your portable device. You can use the optimizations to fix frequent problems with the presentation of your device:

Enlarged or crooked picture - Resize the picture: Possibly you also need to load a bigger picture, up to 2500 pixel along the longest one. Wrongly centred picture - Use the location option to specify where your picture will appear on the page. Picture that does not cover the entire banner - select size:

Include and repeat the picture to fill all empty areas. Show a single colour instead of an icon for your site-wide banner: Adjust the colour with the setting Header Background Toak. You can use the Site Styles header to select what will appear across all the flags on your site: Content of banners:

Tagline Site Titles Module - Shows the page titles or logos and taglines. Content of banners: Pages caption detail - Shows the pages caption and page caption. Pages are not displayed on the phone. Content of banners: Blank - Shows the banner without text. Then you can adjust the height of the banner area.

You can use the Page Title, Tagline, and Page Title optimizations to customize the text colours and font styles. You can use the Optimize banner overlay colour option to apply a colour filtering to all your website colour overlay. We do not endorse banner ads for single articles, blogs, events oder product. When page flags are activated, the banner of the blogs page, event page or product page is displayed.

When page headers are not activated or when there is no page miniature view, the location-wide banner picture or colour is displayed. The way you customize the banner size will depend on what information is displayed above the banner, which is adjusted by customizing the banner contents. Contents of banners: Blank - Adjusts the banner area heights. The optimization has no effect on the phone.

Content of banners: Title page descriptor - Customize the banner spacing or include additional blanks in the page descriptor. Content of banners: Title Site Logo Tagline - Customize the banner spacing. If you want to disable banner display in the desktops pane, set the Banner Area Height preference to 00px.

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