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Some networks also specialize in other sizes. Become a member of the fastest growing ad exchange network in the world! Promote your banner on the Source Banner Exchange Network. The Certification Banner Exchange is a banner exchange program designed exclusively for computer- and network-related websites. What does a banner exchange network do?

To give it away. Best banner exchange network

I' d like to see the banner exchange routing. Which exchange webpages do you use or think are of good enough for you? Would you like to advertise? For every on-line store you need a website, e-mailing, Google results, a leading catch system, on-line selling, on-line training, member web pages, IOS and Android applications and more.

I think with a banner on, it's best you sold this room. When you want to do this exchange for your own gain, it may be best to just exchange a few broken hyperlinks, but be wary because Google doesn't appreciate the exchange too much. Personally I consent to the sale of the advertising spaces or at least the advertising on the AdSense servers.

There is no warranty as to the perceived intrinsic value or relevance of websites that display your banner on the network. about banner swaps, not how to buy advertising spaces. For over a ten years, I haven't really been bothering myself with the exchange of posters. At that time, a great way was to search for banner exchangers that had different category.

They could be hosting a banner in a simple alcove to get opinions, and then spending their credit in a class that was more lucrative. Again, I am not sure if this can be done today, but it is something that anyone involved in banner exchange should know.

Certificate banner exchange

Use our certification banner exchange for free advertisement. Selective advertisement on other technical pages. 6:5 ad proportion - For every 6 ads you show, you get 5 images on other pages. But most banner exchange programs have far less to show for it. It is possible to show several flags on one banner page....

Before you can participate in our banner exchange, you must review and accept the following points. Non-compliance with these regulations may lead to withdrawal of the banner exchange. It is our right to delete any website from the Exchange at any moment and for any purpose without prior notification. The banner exchange is only for pages that deal with computer and network issues!

Pages that contain Warez, brain dumps or other materials that violate copyrights, nondisclosure obligations or the laws will not be taken into account. Casinosites are also not acceptable. Banner must be in GBP or JPY formats. Your banner must be smaller than 13K.

Your banner should measure 468 x 60 cm. Our codes may only be placed once on each page of your website. Please note that we are not responsible for your banner exchange. There is no guarantee for the uptime of this banner exchange network and no liability for the service of your ad in this network.

These General Business Rules are subject to alteration at any and all times and without prior notification. To make the stock exchange equitable for all, we provide the following placing guidelines: You must at least paste the source so that it immediately follows the contents of your page. It is not permitted to add the banner codes so that the banner appears in a confusing place (e.g. at the bottom of a page under several web rings) or is concealed from a user.

Websites that contravene this regulation can be deleted from the stock exchange. If you have a computer-related website and wish to take part in the banner exchange, please register only.

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