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Hey, it's difficult for any brand to compete with plug-ins that can replace banner ads with pictures of puppies and kittens. I' m clicking more on banners that are animated in some way! Do you think improving your click-through rate (CTR) is about design? The overall rate at which users click on banner ads for websites has decreased over time. Everything starts with a banner ad that generates clicks.

Store the banner, leave out the click | DigitalNext

Whilst there are some outstanding exemptions, banner advertising has experienced better times. Though it was once a real market penetration success, banner blind spots, ad blocks and bad performances have challenged ROI. In addition, according to an Adobe survey, 33% of consumer view screen advertising as totally unbearable, and it seems it's getting late for the sector to continue.

However, for better or for worse, the banner is an integrated part of the advertising eco-system. Finally, what if the banner is not damaged, but rather missunderstood? Klicks (and taps) tell a tale about the power of banners, but in a realm of bold finger and click deception, it's neither the complete nor the most useful tale.

Claiming the collapse of a marketing campain - or of the banner in general - on the basis of this meter is limited. In order to harness the real value of the banner, we need to get it out of the initial performance promises of digitally, namely interaction. That might seem contraintuitive, but the clicking in the trench releases the banner for a stronger promotional promise: market notoriety.

Which brand does the banner best suit? This banner does its best work at the top of the hopper and serves as a supplement to off-line and on-line activities. One of the strengths of the banner is its subtleness, which makes it most efficient for larger brand owners who can easily allow themselves to be seen and not listened to, at least in certain conditions.

The banner acts as a "reminder medium" in this particularly popular case for traveling customers - it keeps a strong eye on a consumer's brands, reminds them of previous messages, eliminates frictions and makes a lower-cost marketing strategy more cost-effective. All without a click. To succeed in the global arena, we need to be agile - to test, study and develop on the basis of these insights.

Nevertheless, we have permitted the banner to remain imprisoned in the identities attributed to it centuries ago. This stagnation creates disappointment for every member of the ad chain: brand names, agents and above all the consumer. But before we cast the banner with the bathing water, we should consider what else it can do for each of its stakeholder.

That means researching which surroundings and times would be the most efficient for getting your message across, how the banner would serve the ad-free consumer, and how to find the guts to overcome the clicking habits. Perhaps with this mindset, the sector will soon realise that it is possible to get more value out of the banner by asking them to do less.

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