Banner ad Sizes 2016

Bamboo Banner Sizes 2016

#728 x 90 IMU #40k #15. When you start with display advertising, it's worth investing in some high-quality image ads. Most popular mobile display advertising formats for 2016. Picture display PPC sizes[INFOGRAPHIC]. Some time ago we published this list of PPC image sizes for all your PPC needs.

Top 10 most powerful display advertising formats on the Google Display Network

When you begin with your screen advertisements, it's a good idea to invest in some high-quality corporate images. They can be used in your Google AdWords displays or marketing re-marketing campaign on the Google display network (GDN). More sizes mean more opportunities to place your ad.

Our testing has shown that these are the most powerful screen advertising sizes; for mobiles, we now suggest both the 320 x 50 and 320 x 100 rankings, as well as the 320 x 100 size banner contained in both of the above rankings. Use the following in your corporate image: Logo - Don't miss the chance to present your trademark to your prospective clients.

The new fast-response displays require 3 items; here is a complete listing of currently available screen sizes and specifications (as of October 25, 2016).

BIG list: Picture display sizes PPC[INFOGRAPHIC]

Some time ago we released this listing of picture sizes for all your needs in terms of your own PC. Well, we turned it into a practical infographics. Do not miss the "Quick Reference Guide" section at the bottom, which contains hyperlinks to all help portions of the channels if you need more information.

Proposed Banner Advertising Specifications

Affiliates are becoming more and more interested in the use of mobiles. Whilst there are no formal, industry-wide standards for standardised portable ad sizes, the Marketing Association has compiled some fundamental recommended sizes and layouts here. Banner should contain one or more clear visible features of a brand/logo image or one or more images of a specific products.

This always includes a call to the campaign such as "Browse", "Click here" or "Buy now". Except for the Micro Bar (which only offers space for the logo), all other banner advertising should contain the following three elements: Distinct pictorial features. A call to trade.

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