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SRB2b Affiliate Network

The FreedomVoice affiliate program is operated by Junction through its leading affiliate network. Below is a list of B2B-oriented affiliate marketing networks and programs. Market leader in B2B performance marketing. See the best B2B partner networks. Participate in the Monster B2B Partner Program.

Tops 10 B2B Affiliate Programs for Large, Consistent Commissions

The B2B abbreviation means B-to-B, i.e. a transfer of goods or sevices from one enterprise to another. If the florist is selling his bouquets to a client, this change is Call B2C or B2C commerce. Obviously, the on-line realm is full of such businesses, and there is no need why a B2B affiliate site cannot be as effective or even more effective than B2C Web sites.

There are 10 major B2B affiliate check-out programmes here. Businesses are clients who need to buy your products in order to stay alive, so B2B clients can be a very starving crowd, ready to let go hundred of bucks in one fell swoop when they need your products or services to make it!

The Intuit Small business is a suite of award-winning enterprise solutions, including QuickBooks, the leading bookkeeping application in the United States. Your service is revolutionizing the way small companies handle their financials. You are using ECJ to administer your affiliate programme. The Intuit Small Business provides its subsidiaries with a predefined ad book repository, real-time reports, track and trace tools, and recurring fee audits.

The affiliate also receives privileged rebates and may be entitled to individual affiliate conditions. Please make sure you read the programme conditions to find out more about lead fee and fee percentages. The BeRush affiliate programme is for SEMrush, an on-line merchandising toolset used by over 700,000 people.

You deliver the most extensive information for the creation of efficient strategic search, linking and promotion campaigns to differentiate your company from the masses. SEMrush gives your affiliate a unique opportunity to promote SEMrush. With BeRush, its partners have easy and fast online merchandising in 5 different tongues, full stats and great affiliate technical assistance. affiliates make 40% off commission for each new affiliate with an unbelievable 10-year lifetime.

At VistaPrint, we help thousands of businesses around the world promote their businesses in a professional manner. Our high-quality, easily customizable product line includes calling card, sign, promotional, clothing, website, online advertising, and more. They' ve teamed up with Commission Junction to run their affiliate programme. At VistaPrint, we offer our partners text link support, advertising banners, optimised target pages, custom promotion, co-branding opportunities and trading tooling.

In addition, they produce new promotions and market material twice a year. Subsidiaries generate 8% of net revenue from recurring revenues, 16% from new customers and 3% from all other net revenues. You wanted to offer a full featured online seminar for all large and small businesses. KlickMeeting provides simple to use, flexible videoconferencing solutions.

Your affiliate programme is run by ECJ. affiliates have easy acces to a wide range of advertising banners, text link and posting tool. CLICK MEETING empowers its partners to use their own catchwords in their SEM optimisation with a few exception, such as not using their brand name, domain name or spelling mistakes. In contrast to most of our competition, who charge a lump sum per bankroll, KlickMeeting offers a very substantial 30% fee.

With Deluxe Helping Small business owners set up, run, and expand their businesses, Deluxe provides solutions that help small and midsize corporate entrepreneurs Its aim is to offer its clients groundbreaking solutions and solutions that help them experience their passions. The available service offerings range from website designing, logodesign, social marketing, salary accounting and advanced search engine optimization (SEO) consulting. The Deluxe Service uses the ShareASale solution to administer its partner programme.

You''ve got all the merchandising material, offerings and utilities you need, plus an experienced leadership force committed to your continued growth. Your applications will help your company expand its retention and revenue streams. Your affiliate programme is housed at Commission Junction. At Swiftic we offer our partners on-line stats, advertising banners, text link, land pages and multilingual promotional material.

Affiliates can also receive bonus and incentive payments on the basis of merit. Stiftic provides its partners with many useful hints and tools on how to advertise their service. Addict provides offline back-up solutions for organizations of all size to help secure their information. Providing boundless space for most of their schedules, they don't restrict the speed of backups or restores unlike most of their rivals.

Partners can register for the Backup Addict Partner Programs on their website. Partners are provided with a number of text and banner advertisements that they can place on their website. It provides real-time reports and stats to keep tabs on your turnover, your bankroll, your trading and much more. affiliates earn commission for at least the first year of their new client, making this a great way to search for repeating fees.

This is the simplest way for companies to handle all their direct mail needs with a single computer and a single printing device. More than 500,000 companies and individual users use the service. We use Commission Junction to administer our affiliate purchases and make withdrawals. Affiliates have direct control over easy-to-use links creation and creative people who don't need HTML expertise.

For each new client they recommend, Stamps.com is offering its $50 affiliate list. Your network of freelance lawyers can help you start your company by providing names, corporate names, tax titles, licences, permits and more. Your affiliate programme is supported by Pepperjam. The LegalZoom solution provides market-ready data growth solutions, high-performance reports and recurring payments.

Your highly reactive affiliate staff is at your disposal to optimise your campaign. Qualified partners can receive the promotional structures of VIPs for a higher earnings capacity. Since 1996 FreedomVoice has been leading the way in communicating with small businesses. Your product and service portfolio includes voice numbers, toll-free numbers, call routing, automatic switching, voice mail, web facsimile and infinite queues.

The FreedomVoice affiliate programme is operated by Commission Junction through its premier affiliate network. You offer affiliates dependable, easy-to-use affiliate tool. Associates can use their advertising material to help small companies build a "big business" reputation with cutting-edge communication. An affiliate can make a combined $45 per prospective client if they register for a free evaluation and then turn into a paid client.

Since you have already reread about 10 large B2B affiliate programmes, it is your turn to select a slot to aim for. Concentrate on advertising material. Custom VistaPrint printing solutions provide companies with great value corporate stationery such as calling card and signboards. Up to 16% can be earned on affiliate revenue. A further concept is to create special interest groups for online webinars.

Associates receive a 30% generously priced affiliate fee. And you can use our integrated back-up service to keep all your important company information secure. Addict provides back-up service for companies of all size. Providing their Affiliates with 25% revenue and 5% revenue based on 3rd party revenue. This 10 affiliate program is only the beginning of what is possible.

You' ll find that there are literally hundred ways to make affiliate fees from your website, and that includes ratings, top 10 listings, tutorials and more. What do you do to make sure your affiliate link is visited? I' ve used the affiliate practice here to turn my all-new website into six-figure sales in less than two years.

Set up a company, not just an allowance scheme! In 2010 I began my first on-line computer support store and now I help newcomers to set up their own companies. Register for my #1 suggested course and find out how to get your company up and running for FREE!

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