Aws Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

AWS Global Channel Reseller Program enables qualified partners to resell AWS services to both commercial and public end users. The reason for this is that the Product Advertising API is not yet fully compatible with AWS user management. Find out why the New to amazon affiliate program is new. A step-by-step guide to our cloud partner program The roadmap for IT professionals to navigate the cloud revolution. Switch to AWS migration / Access Key Management in the Amazon Web Service.

The AWS Channel Reseller Program

AWS Global Channel Reseller Program allows qualifying resellers to sell AWS service to both business and government end users. This program is aimed at APN Consulting Partner who have developed their AWS practices to provide comprehensive service and AWS implementation leadership to end users, such as Channel resellers value using the end-to-end consumer experiences for their AWS-based offers.

As a new APN Partner interested in the AWS Channel Reseller Program, please be aware that we accept registrations for the new AWS Solution Provider Program. The APN Consulting Partner interested in becoming an AWS Channel Reseller must fulfill the program requirements before submitting an application. In order to begin the Channel Reseller Program, you must be a Consulting Partner with the AWS Partner Network (APN) and must be upgraded to the default level.

As soon as your organization fulfills the APN Default Animal Requirement, request an upgrade to get added APN value. Affiliates interested in purchasing an upgrade to their APN member base can make their request by following the following steps: Stage #4: Click "Sign Up for Upgrade" and have any questions? To qualify for the AWS Channel Reseller Program, a partner must provide the necessary evidence of skill and expertise to utilize AWS software for the benefit of its customer.

Affiliates wishing to apply for the program are requested to use the following utilities to develop their AWS practices. Receive APN partner accreditations: The APN provides eLearning training to help technology and businesses increase their understanding of AWS service. The AWS certifications are awarded to IT pros who provide evidence of the capabilities and engineering expertise required to design, deploy, and manage application on AWS.

Our certifications cover a wide range of engineering and performance capabilities. The APN Webinar Partner: Benefit from a webinar that focuses on training and empowering your affiliates on technology, market, and economic issues. To download affiliate content: Find a shared library of collaborative technology and commercial assets to help your organization build its AWS practices, such as white papers, credential architecture, and recent presentation.

Application of policies and best practice from the AWS Architecture Center to develop high scalability and robust deployments in the AWS Cloud. We recommend that all our affiliates have at least basic engineering capabilities from AWS to service their end users on AWS. In order to choose the AWS Customer Service Plans that best meet the needs of your organization, please read the AWS Customer Service Plans and Prices here.

If an APN Consulting Partner has been successful with AWS, they are asked to enter the AWS Channel Reseller Program. Perform the following procedures to complete your company's application: Stage #1: Update Partner Scorecard: Please ensure that your company's partner scorecard is up-to-date before applying. In order to use your Partner Scorecard, login to the APN Portal and click on "Show Partner Scorecard" in the menu on the right.

Stage #2: Send the Channel Reseller application: To qualify for the AWS Channel Reseller Program, affiliates must fulfill the above program requirements. Perform the following procedures to complete your company's application: After your resume has been received, a member of the APN team will contact you within 3-5 workingdays.

Are you interested in the AWS Government Reseller Program? For more information about the program, please contact your Public Sector Partner Development Manager. Please read the APN Knowledge Base if your company has a question about the program or its use.

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