Asia Travel Affiliate Program

Asian Travel Affiliate Program

Steady revenue from the sale of buses, train and air tickets, hotel bookings and other travel services in Asia. The Klook is popular in Asia. And if you're not an affiliate yet, you can join the affiliate program by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Participate in the Pacific Holidays Affiliate Program today! One of the leading national tour operators in the USA for Asia, the South Pacific and Latin America.

And who can become our affiliate?

Receive up to 50% of our winnings and make ~$2.81 with every transaction your traffic makes on your site - just waste 10 min to set up the query page. Have you got a website, blogs or a favourite Southeast Asian tourist site? Although you already make cash by reselling tickets for air travel or accommodation, your guests still need a shuttle to the airports, a rail pass to avoid the nights at the resort, or a coach pass without going to the downtown coach terminal they don't know well.

Provide them with air travel, buses, trains, boat fares, transfer and other travel-related service in 8 Southeast Asian nations (see our reporting here) and receive additional revenue! Place our portable, interoperable web site booking tool on your website so that your guests can find and reserve your ticket, hotel and other (almost all!) tourism service.

As soon as your visitors arrive safe at their destinations, your affiliate fee is transferred to your "ready to payout" bankroll. View your provision on your analytical page. Receive up to 50% of our brokerage, based on operators, travel date, travel times, currency and amount of transactions. Affiliate Rewards are ~$2.81 per reservation.

~6.8% of those who see the affiliate site make a query and ~8.1% of those who buy a tickets. So, if you have 10,000 unique users who see our query forms, you can receive $155. Your number of conversions will depend on your level of visitor relevancy, the page contents, the way you present and incorporate the forms, so there are many things to be improved and even more to do.

Movie commercials. Exemption: Advertisement for wholesale labels and leaders there.

Affiliate travel program

Choose from a wide range of products - air travel, hotels, cars, buses, railways, cruises, holiday packages, transfers, visas, vibrant packages, attractions and more. Extremely competetive fees payable at the time of reservation. Improved selection of products - Life rate and flight availabilities, hotels, cars, cruises, packages, visas, attractions and activities around the clock.

Register directly for our partner program. Monetize your website to its full capacity and make unlimited income by working with us. Advantages are limitless - you can still use one of the world's most popular travel brands today! affiliate hyperlink on your website. Generate commissions by creating requests.

Get High Conversion Tools- Gain banner visibility, define your own custom products using an API, widget, build a hyperlink, and more. Once your enrollment has been processed, you will receive an e-mail with directions on how to visit the site to make bookings that generate commission. Qualify as our favorite affiliate and start earning more!

Any commission will be charged according to the "usage date" (i.e. after the date of your holiday or trip) and payable each month. It is open to travel agencies, tour operators and DMCs established under the law of your state.

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