Are Banner Ads Effective

Is banner advertising effective?

The most effective display and banner advertising is when you use the channel in a way that makes sense both for the specific goals of your business and for the sound of the native website or platform. Digital marketing strategy, premium display and banner advertising. Day Archives: Are banner ads effective. If used correctly, banner advertising is still effective. As an agile marketer, how do you effectively market Black Friday?

That banner advertising remains the most effective web advertising medium

Whether you believe it or not, banner advertising remains the most effective advertising medium. The AppNexus took a glimpse of the current state of the market, taking a look at the user's view of the vendor and what works and doesn't work in daily campaigning. AppNexus' Q2 2015 Digital Advertising Index poll, which is built on more than 80,000 ads conducted on the AppNexus Digital Advertising Index this month, found that banner advertising continues to deliver the highest click traffic rate for advertisers.

 This may amaze some marketing specialists who do not usually place a high value on the sometimes neglected banner ad. But banner ads provided advertisers with the cheapest AppNexus franchise at $0.16 and the second highest click-through at 0.04%, with hardly any expanding ads lagging behind at 0.05%.

Clicking through these two ad sizes significantly outperformed interstellar, pop-up and skin sizes, and skin was the most costly ad size to exceed expanding ads by more than a buck. Another important finding was the predominance of desk top advertising over cell phones with 64% of campaigning targeted at desk top consumers versus 47% targeted at the web and 32% focused on applications.

"There is a great deal of fuss that banner advertising is still alive and that consumer, marketer and publisher are moving their focus to the cell phone. "Marketing specialists have the ability to distribute budget both on the desk and on the cell phone, using information about the available impressions by daytime and weekday. Marketing professionals should consider equipment and timing when they segment budget and use information to achieve both.

" AppNexus launched AppNexus IQ in April, a suite of guidelines and tools that allow more extensive implementation of its existing asset management practices. Mr McCarthy said that the evolution was beneficial to all those involved in the advertising industry by providing some control. Mr. McCarthy added that findings about spend and efficiency should give marketing companies some idea of how to improve messaging.

The most effective ads were about job and home and the most precious ads were about sex life and save your life. Receive such messages in your mailbox every day. A recent glimpse from the review was how the dependence of the marketer on desk top ads, which accounted for 64% of the second quarter campaign on the site, affected the impact.

As for the weekday, the least impact was felt at the weekends when probably not at home and away from their desktops. "McCarthy said that not only will better services and values be achieved by focusing on trusted delivery systems, but they will also help make the web better for the consumer today and in the coming month and years".

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