Apple Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Affiliate registration is fast, easy and free. Learn more about Apple's iTunes Affiliate Program. Find out how the Apple iTunes Affiliate Program can help you earn money with these professional tips. Only a few know of the existence of not just one, but two Apple affiliate programs. You can download art and guidelines for Apple Music, iTunes and Apple Books Badges.

Apple Affiliate Program - Apple

What is an Affiliate? If you' re an Apple-approved reseller, you can place text and banner ads on your site that will lead buyers to Apple on-line. And the more Apple purchases, the more referrals you make. Join Apple for a Partnership You have the option to use pre-approved promotional material - with the latest Apple product - to bring the store to your website.

Becoming an Apple Affiliate is free, and you can stop joining at any point. Does my site qualify to become an Apple Affiliate? Every inquiry from a partner is reviewed. However, if you are authorized, we will regularly check your website to ensure that it continues to be appropriate for the program.

May I use the Apple name and Apple emblem on my website? Only Apple authorized promotional materials can be used. Once you have been validated, you will have full control over the authorised attachments. Please click on the Affiliate Trademark and Photography Policies to check the applicable policies. Authorized resources can be found on the Partner Program Partner Program website.

Those asset values are periodically reviewed to take into account new promotional activities and other novelties. How many of your customers click on Apple affiliate ads and how much they pay will determine how much they do. Please refer to the Affiliate Agreement for more information. After approval you will receive your own password-protected page with your personal account on the affiliate site.

Am I going to check the placing of my website link? Yes, as long as they meet Apple affiliate policies. And Apple is expecting a celebrity ranking on your website. Is it possible to accept orders on my website and submit the information to Apple? Apple will handle all orders directly. Every link from your website to Apple contains your unique affiliate ID.

And every times a client makes a buy and accesses through your website, we give your affiliate a bonus. In order to ensure that all your shopping is closely monitored, use only Apple affiliate site link. Which are my tasks as an Affiliate? Being a member of the Apple Partner Program represents an expansion of the Apple name.

You are responsible for your own responsibility as such: Provide Apple with a celebrity footprint on your website. Make sure your website contains materials that meet the requirements of the Apple Affiliate Agreement. Please use specific link to follow your purchases and earn recommendation commissions. Make sure your website is well looked after and always available so that your users have easy acces to sites.

Ensure that Apple asset usage is correct, as specified in the Affiliate Brand and Photography Guidelines. Which tasks does Apple have? With Apple, you get the creativity, tooling and assistance you need to become an Apple Partner. Before you apply for Apple Affiliate Program membership, please review our Affiliate Agreement.

You can find this arrangement on the log-in page. At Apple, we work with a finite number of premium websites. Once you are authorized, we will provide you with details on how to begin.

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