App Download Affiliate Program

Download App Affiliate Program

Keep in touch with your affiliate program at all times. Download and install our free Android and iOS application with push notifications for resellers and partners. The problem is less the assignment and more the management of the affiliate program. The Mobile App Install tracking works by tracking the UDID. Android App installation partner program - how does it work?

affiliate branding for portable applications

When you are an app designer, it gets harder and harder to break through the rush, with 100,000 applications and ever more well-organized competitors from some large aspiring companies with more than one app in the shop. You can advertise your app in a number of different ways, such as PR, reviews ite visits, Apple RetailEO, Virgin, Links Exchange, purchase of advertising spaces in your network and so on.

A new type of app promotions is paying per download or affiliate base. Apple App creators only charge for each download - so you don't spend your way through clicking that doesn't become a user. Designers can search by geography, mobile phone and so on. Gotjar - getyar is the largest "open appstore" in the word with high levels of visitor numbers.

In addition to the free list of your app, developer can charge $0.01 per download for extra apps downloaded to a single ClickandBuy-player. Gotjar have so much popularity that they can provide miles of downloading on this base to all kinds of mobile devices. Mobilgo - Mobilgo operates a similar open app store to Getjar, but on a smaller scope.

Mobango, however, has very heavy visitor numbers and can also ensure million of downloading on a pay-per-download base. Sponormob - our sponsorob buddies run a German affiliate wireless service team. Recently they created an affiliate-based system for track ing the iPhones. Now, developer can use the sponsorob partner ecosystem to advertise wireless applications on a global platform (CPA) base.

Apple - hosted a number of "Appstores" on various partners' websites, among them large portable platforms of major brand names and a development app ecosystem. This appstore and app is used to distribute affiliate based downloaded files. Aprupt allows creators to use credit they get by providing free software that others can pay for themselves.

This is a great performance-based app networking site and very interesting. Burstly - a new portable advertising optimiser and analysis tool that also promotes a CPA-based app download/link swap experience for the Applephone. Please let us know if you use any other means to promote affiliate or CPA-based applications and we will include them in this posting.

Check out all affiliate network mobiles to find the best solution for your company.

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