Apartment Affiliate Program

Appartement Affiliate Program

A very flexible affiliate program is available where fees can be individually defined based on a) traffic or b) pay per subscription. The partner program focuses on the inventory and not on the tenants. http://www.apartments.com/affiliates/index.

htm. Collaboration with Apartments.com, a leading provider in the online rental market. Partner Program for Serviced Apartments, Company Apartments and High Quality Accommodation worldwide. They range from our Affiliate Exchange (AEX) through our co-branding program to our AE Brainstorming Conference.


Our partner program is very adaptable and can be customized according to your needs, either a) via your subscription or b) via your subscription. Our affiliate resource can be used in many ways, such as customized results shown on your website or fully customized hyperlinks.

You will be assigned an unique custom repository that will be used on the link and will receive comprehensive techical support for a trouble-free start.

Every single and every single working week we are adding all new membership and member-klicks to your area. To view your current statistics, login to your affiliate area. Between the first and third days of the current week, we will ship your payment for the preceding week if your current credit is $100.00 or more.

If your credit is below the required amount, we will postpone it to the next one. In order to see your credit balances and your payments behaviour, login to your affiliate accounts and go to the "Commissions" page. It is also possible to review all the affiliate plan features in your profile page.

Partner program for short-term apartment rentals Barcelona

Have you got a website, a blogs or both? Or if the answers are yes, then join our affiliate program and start earning commissions for purchases coming from your website. Featuring over 2,000 homes in 19 locations, our affiliate program is an exciting way to do business for anyone with a website or blogs in the tourism sector.

It is possible to flexibly integrate the data via banner, query field, whitelabel or, in certain cases, a full HTMLeed. Precise track system to make sure all postings are taken into account. There is a committed staff of developers available to help establish the integration.

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