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Almost any envelope can be closed by adding latex or Peel & Stick self-adhesive. Envelopes are a common packaging element, usually made of thin flat material. Two years ago, you didn't get as many envelopes as Brooke and I did. "And you didn't get any envelopes this time. Sometimes, a request for a particular envelope status contains envelopes with additional statuses.

commercial envelopes

Select from our wide range of corporate and shipping envelopes available in many high value paper grades and stock levels. Customize your print with a wide range of colours and include self-sealing for a simple cap. Merchandising envelopes are the most common type of envelopes used in corporate and daily mail. Such envelopes are usually called " normal envelopes " (if they do not have a window) and " default envelopes " (if the windows is in the default position).

Catalogue covers (open on the front side) are ideal for large enclosures and provide crease-free backing for corporate documentation. Brochure covers (open on the long side) are ideal for large supplements and provide crease-free backing for corporate work. The envelopes can be imprinted inside and out. You can use envelopes as a form to gather information that is sent back to you.

Almost any cover can be closed by the addition of self-adhesive rubber or adhesive tape. This is some of the most beloved self-closing envelopes that are kept in store. With self seals, it's child's play to safely lock your envelopes. This is one of the few envelopes that can be equipped with a self-adhesive closure for almost all envelopes.

Envelopes are available in very large dimensions, often used by companies such as hospital departments, engineers and advertisers. Münzhüllen are small-format envelopes, which are open at the shorter side. Sleeves are ideal for small parts, seed, tokens or other small parts. Closure envelopes have a metallic closure with a thick, strengthened perforation and are strongly rubberised.

Closure envelopes can be opened and sealed repeatedly or with the rubber for a unique safe closure.

Ideal for weddings, graduations, any cards

PURPOSE 110 BOX purpose 110 box knows specific sizes environment 5x7 inch - The envelopes measure 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ inch. A7/5x7 wedding, birthday, infant parties, graduation and all kinds of invitations are available. Fill the envelopes with photos, CDs, maps or whatever you need. If you place your order today, you will get 110 packs of self-sealing envelopes and outstanding support.

EFFORTLOSER self-adhesive closure - The day of leakage of disgusting adhesive is over! Easy Peeling & Seal. The envelopes are thick enough to avoid transparence. Fill envelopes with any light colour chart without worrying about the content of the printed envelop. We recommend that you review your map sizes to make sure we have a great fitting.

Lasers & Inkjet Compatibles - Printing envelopes to perfection. It' perfectly sized and lightweight, no worries about soiling or contamination of envelopes by your operator. Envelopes are engineered to be fully interoperable with all types of printing equipment. If you order today, you are backed by a 60 days unquestionable cash back warranty and first rate after sales support!

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