Animated Banner Examples

Examples of animated banners

The Modcloth email template uses animation to draw the customer's attention to their product. These banners enable more complex animations, have a high graphic quality, and what is even more exciting is that they are very light. This banner has classic animations and is not interactive. Below are some of the best examples found on Dribbble. You can share your work by sending us an e-mail or posting in the Animation Gallery section of our forums.

Twenty-five great examples of animated PDFs in email marketing-templates

It is said that a painting says more than a thousand words, so an animated one must be even more valuable. Today, e-mail professionals are reaching the limits of e-mail designing by using animated PDFs to showcase their product and service in real time. This is a compilation of 25 great examples of animated geifs in e-mail market ing-templates that are very creatively colourful and appealing.

Modcloth's e-mail templates use animations to draw the customer's eye to their products. Definitely a sweet gift that matches the ShoeMint e-mail campaign artwork's cover - "Come on, be lucky! Sambag's approach to e-mail merchandising templates is easy, neat and classy. While it shows examples of how a garment can be used in five different ways, applying a "faded" effect that highlights an example in each of the five animated edges is very efficient.

The Kate Spade newsletters presented her new Joanie handbags range with this funny gift. They say these are " home spacesavers who can move up and down to make room for more," and they have used an animated gift tag to show exactly how it moves up and down. Is there a better way to show how simple it is to take off Bonobo's tear-resistant pants than with an animated AIF?

To see this e-mail in your mailbox would certainly interest you. That crucial advantage wouldn't get much publicity if it weren't for the animated gift that simulates the T-shirts being laundered in an fictional washer. Amazon's Black Friday e-mail marketing effort began with this very effectively animated poison that shows a chimney that burns on all types of equipment.

The GIF was sent in an e-mail as part of Jack Spade's autumn campaign. It is another example of how the brand's product can be presented effectively and attractively in e-mails with the help of an animated GIF. Mr Porter chose the animated chimney in his e-mail mailing list.

Ann Taylor LOFT's women's apparel store used an animated present to generate a feeling of scheming and get advertisers to click through to "unpack" their present. Easy, but very efficient. In a very smart way, Sprout Social used an animated GIF to present the latest features and interaction of the newly designed iPhone application.

On the inside of the first window the watch gif shows a lot of creativity and the animated dusty effect indicates that both figures fade due to the happenings in the film. The animated gift can be used not only for a happy New Year e-mail - or a birthday/anniversary e-mail - but also in a notice to clients who have just taken their reward programme to the next stage.

Lithuanian company Litmus also chose to use an animated point-and-click in its e-mail campaigns. In this case, using a PDF is much more efficient than just associating it with a movie of the new products, as it animates itself as soon as pictures appear in the e-mail. Banana Republic offers in this e-mail a mysterious $15 to $500 present that saves at the cash register.

In order to visualize different sizes of gifts, they have created this eye-catching animated PDF. Anthropology used an animated squid donation in the e-mail marketplace. The interesting thing about it is that the tentacle of the Oktopus is made entirely of tissue and flutters happily around.

They present a choice of lights in this e-mail newsletters and what better way to present them than as a gift that turns them on at the same on. J. Jill's Winter Sale is another example of how to use gifs in a highly animated and imaginative way. Ground Bright's animated pointer shows the different colours of her clothing very well.

Another animated pointer showing a line of dress. Chanel`s Triple Watch is presented in a very imaginative way with an animated gif. Here is a very good market concept blended with the use of an animated PDF. In his advertising Neiman Marcus used a very beautiful typographic animated pointer, which reproduces the headline in an elegantly styled typeface.

As it turns out, the addition of a moving item to typical fixed e-mail is not only more appealing to the subscriber, but also enables the marketer to be truly imaginative with their offer of contents. Please note, however, that the use of animated gifs in e-mail advertising is not appropriate for all types of product and businesses.

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