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Latest tweets from the AWS Partner Network (@AWS_Partners). AWS Partner Network (APN) is the global partner program for Amazon Web Services. Locate APN partners to support your Amazon Web Services projects. Simply sign in to Fly-Fi with the name and email address of your TrueBlue account and then go to Amazon. com to shop and earn with qualified products.

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The AWS Partner Network (APN)

AWS Partner Network (APN) is a group of dedicated virtual appliance providers that are supported by Amazon Web Services on a multi-criteria basis. At AWS, we divide our affiliates into two groups: and APN Technology Partner. APN Consulting Partner assists an AWS client in implementing and managing an AWS cluster provision.

Among these are system integration companies, management consultants, and other consulting firms and agents. APN Technology Partner provides a set of hosting and integrated APN Technology Partner products and solutions. Affiliates includes third-party developers and suppliers of third-party solutions, platforms as a support, developers and secure development products.

The AWS Partner Catalog contains both groups, allowing an AWS end users to find a partner on demand. There are several partner subdivisions in the list, including the following categories: enterprise application management system, application development system, development tools, APN program, APN expertise, and APN capabilities. The AWS partner can move to higher levels of achievement by reaching threshold values for education, retention, investment and fee, providing added partner value.

APN Consulting Partner: AWS provides four service levels for an APN Consulting Partner: APN Technology Partner: AWS provides three levels of service for an APN Technology Partner: The APN provides programmes that offer added value to our affiliates. The APN Consulting Partner Program includes the AWS Channel Reseller Program, AWS Managed Service Program, AWS Competency Program, AWS Government Program and AWS Marketplace Consulting Partner Program.

The APN Technology Partner Programmes comprise the AWS SaaS Partner Programme, the AWS Direct Connect Programme, the AWS IoT Hardware Programme and other programmes provided to consultancy partner companies. The APN also contains AWS Test Drive, a free software application that allows an AWS partner to run pre-configured server-based utilities and workflow applications created by other APN consultancy and technology partner companies in a test bed alongside step-by-step instructions and laboratories.

AWS Test Drive choices cover a wide range of common classes of clustering, such as big datasets, securities, storage, and DevOps. The AWS provides free e-learning training available through the APN portal to assist affiliates with specific areas of technology certification. AWS customers register for partner level and receive login information for the APN Portal.

The APN also offers a partner scorecard to monitor the partner animal state.

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