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but it'?s free to join, so there's no real loss. When I shop at, how do I earn TrueBlue points? Now if you are not a TrueBlue member, you can join TrueBlue.

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Common ly Asked Question

What are my TrueBlue points when I buy from Use of the Amazon Mobil application is not subject to this promotion. If you are using your portable phone to make purchases, please make sure that you are using a web navigator to do so.

However, if you would like to earn points as a Fly-Fi visitor using our guesthouse "Guest Access", you will need to click on the Amazon Hub Indicator that will appear on the Fly-Fi Hub Hosting page, which will take you to the TrueBlue sign-up page to purchase and earn TrueBlue membership.

No TrueBlue Points can be earned if you divert another person's Amazon purchase to your personal Amazon Web page or TrueBlue Money balance, or use any other means to earn TrueBlue Points other than those described herein. Shopping that is made outside of the sign-up process on your TrueBlue Fly-Fi and Fly-Fi accounts when you are on board is not allowed to accumulate points.

What time can I expect my TrueBlue points to be added to my bankroll? In case you did not receive your points, please do not hesitate to get in touch with TrueBlueupport. Must I be a TrueBlue member to earn TrueBlue points when I shop at Amazon?

Now if you are not a TrueBlue member, you can join TrueBlue. Fly-Fi also requires you to be registered on board. Does it cost more to buy from Amazon if you log on to Fly-Fi on board?

Where do I know how many TrueBlue points I will earn? Receive 3 points for every qualifying U.S. Dollars you spend on when purchasing aboard when you' re linked to Fly-Fi and signed into your TrueBlue Money balance. Do I collect TrueBlue points for shipping and taxes contained in my Amazon purchases? TrueBlue points are not charged after shipping and packaging or taxes.

Where can I go if I want to buy a product again, or if I want a full refund? What happens if I want to reverse a sale? Cancellations can be made and refunds will be given in the same way as you would directly from Amazon or the Amazon Dealer. TrueBlue points will, however, be deducted from your reversed or reimbursed sale balance.

May I use my TrueBlue points to buy directly from Amazon? Flying-Fi uses a public access cordless LAN and all web information (sent or received) can be watched and/or captured. Flying-Fi protects your billing information with HTTPS and SSL encoding technology and protects your credentials with powerful encoding. Will I be able to earn TrueBlue points at Amazon if I am living outside the USA and Canada?

As soon as you register, you can earn 3 TrueBlue points for every $1 that Amazon spends on an qualifying item.

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