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Essentially, affiliate marketing is a system where you connect to an affiliate program like Amazon Associates and refer people to the affiliate partner's website after product reviews and the like. Hi, I just want to know that if I come from India and I want to create an Amazon affiliate account in the USA. Regards from India and one of your customers (from Amazon Theme, which was sold a few months ago as Private Label Rights Product). As soon as you have entered your PAN card details (if you are an Indian citizen), select the Pay me by NEFT option. Located in India, we want to sell to the USA via an affiliate connection.

Links CueLinks & Amazon India: This is how you get the setup and receipt of partner payments

Amazonia India is a difficult country! is a giant shop that serves a vast populace and expects significant expansion in the years to come, but the Amazon India Associates programme does require a resident banking deposit for the payment of commission ( unlike the programmes in North America and Europe) due to state regulations.

It is a challenging situation that prevents most creative minds and partners from taking full benefit of the monetization of their Indian-based audiences and thus keeping cash on the tables.

Like Skimlinks or VigLink, Cuelinks* is a "Super Affiliate" aggregate where you can use their utilities to run many different affiliate programmes without having to sign up and administer the link for each one. Headquartered in India, Corelinks focuses on the India markets.

However, now, through the introduction of cuelinks, we have a simple procedure to firstly, sign up with an Amazon. in Affiliate ID and secondly, you get payed out for the commissions earned by you. Prior to asking, the response was yes, we were in very tight communication with Amazon's Associates staff to make sure this trial did not breach any of their conditions of use.

Usually Cuelinks needs about 24-48 hrs to check/approve the bankroll.

You will receive a third e-mail (Subject: "Cuelinks - Your content has been approved") as soon as you have been through.

Click on the red icon to "GENERATE LINK" in the center of the page. Grab the links "" and let it fall into a web page and fire it. A few fast detours and you'll end up on the Amazon. in the website. When you click on the large and blue "Connect to Affiliate Program" icon, insert the full text of the affiliate referral form into the field that opens.

Since the Amazon. incking ID you have added to your Amazon. accounts actually belong to cuelinks (so they keep Track of your income and payouts), you can't see any click or win information in your Amazon. report.

Unfortunately, it's costly to get cash from India. Whilst it's better than nothing, there are administrative charges and several tax deductions that must be made from your commission before it can be paid directly into your bankroll.

As a rule, you can take a little more than 50% of the commission made. Payment on current commission? Unfortunately, this cannot help you restore provisions that are already included in your current Amazon. Associates accounts. The Associates programme helps you make a commission on an Amazon International programme that, unlike Amazon, can be paid out on an international basis.

#- It is important to remember that Cuelinks has a partner programme and we participate in it. Affiliate link above has no influence on the tax or fee associated with receiving commission from Amazon India or Cuelinks. As far as we know, this is the only scaleable way to get affiliate commission from India.

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