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Well, I saw the order, but I didn't see the result. You will be paid by cheque for income not earned in your home country. The forwarding of visitors to Amazon does not guarantee any income. Are Amazon Associates partners earning a percentage of the items we sell on the Amazon Marketplace? With Associates Central, you always have access to your profit and traffic reports.

Increase Amazon Associates' profits in the UK and Canada with OneLink.

Amazing novelty for Amazon Associates, from 3 July 2017 has launched OneLink - a simple way to boost revenues from UK and Canadian visitors. Amazon, as you may already know, runs several shops around the globe with different extensions - and .ca are just a few of them.

When you versions of our software, you may be lacking some income from foreigners. Welcome to the introduction of a new function named MyLink, which allows you to monetise your UK and Canadian website with Amazon text link content. By seamlessly redirecting your customers to their Amazon store window, OfficeLink offers your customers an enhanced purchasing environment.

Indeed, as Amazon Affiliate I find this really invaluable information and at the moment I expect an increased turnover of at least 5% from both UK and Canada transport once it is in place. Unfortunately, to make it work, you need to open two new affiliate account, one for and one for versions.

IMHO - a kind of free of charge currency that can be taken from the already existing global transport network. If you are not experiencing heavy website activity from the UK or Canada, this may not be of interest to you. So, I took a look at my Google Analytics statistics to see how the UK and Canada stand before I implement them.

During June, 4.61% of UK and 2.43% of Canadian users visited my site. When you use Amazon's text link, you can now monetise your website with your own text link to Amazon from the UK and Canada. With OneLink, you can use one-Tag as a simple step scripts to set up this feature on your website.

The integration of OneLink is a unique set-up. They need an Amazon Associates UK Program or Amazon Associates Canada Programount. If you do not have an existent user account/account, please register using the following hyperlinks. To manage your US/UK or UK/Canada accounts, click on "Click here to link". Your Accounts Shortcut opens and you can choose your region(s) to associate with your US bank using your UK/Canada bank information.

Then go back to the OneLink home page, copy the one-tag scripts displayed in the field, and place them in the bottom line of your website(s). All of you are now ready to begin monetising your UK and Canada services.

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