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Affiliate Amazon Account

The account is closed and does not generate any recommendations. Read the Amazon Associates Program Operating Agreement. Application details for a partner account at Amazon. If you violate the EASY TO FOLLOW rules, please, do not block your Amazon Associates account by placing my Amazon. I' m using an Amazon account, different tracking IDs for different locations. Partner Center

By following these simple instructions, you can cancel your Amazon Associates account yourself:

Browse down to payment and taxation information. To check or refresh certain types of taxation information, click View/provide taxation information. You can close an account for various purposes.

In 2015, we had to check whether all our employees complied with this Act. Although we cannot re-open a locked account, you must re-register for a new account in order to join the Associates Program.

To reapply, click on the following link: com After following this URL, please click on "Register now for free" and it will guide you through the registration proces. Should you have any further queries or concerns regarding a frozen account, please do not hesitate to call our support staff here: We ask all our clients to modify their email address directly on our website for safety purposes to make sure that the applicant knows the current account name.

In order to modify your affiliate account email preference, you must modify the email in your affiliate account. Because the two are linked, modifying the email addresses for retailers changes the email addresses associated with your affiliate account as well. If you wish to upgrade your email account please do so on-line by going to your account ( com/your-account) and click on "Change Account Settings" in the Settings section.

When you have relocated or if you have chosen an invalid payee account, please refresh this information to make sure you are paying properly. If you wish to change your payee billing information, please go to the following link: html Please note: Any changes of billing information made after the first of each calendar months will affect the following billing cycles.

Updating your email on May 4 will affect the June payments cycles. In order to modify your preferred billing option, please follow this link: html Note: Mandatory deposit is $100. Employees resident in the USA have a $10.00 direct deposit qualifying level.

In the Account Settings pane, click Account Settings. They will be prompted to finalize the survey or change to your control information to check or refresh certain control information.

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