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Former Amazon sales manager outlines exactly how he would NEVER sell at Amazon (i.e. resale is the least profitable way). Take Amazon to the next level. Originally founded to offer consumers products in two segments, Amazon is an e-commerce retailer.

Amazon's e-commerce strategy has made the company extremely successful. I am often asked the question "how to start selling at Amazon". Help: Over gift orders

Mail your Gift Boxes if they are filled by Amazon or select Amazon merchants. Labelling your article as a present enables you to do this: Attach a delivery note so that the consignee knows who sent it. Conceal the price on the package note. Attach a personalised present notification. You can also choose to attach additional packaging.

Present messages are imprinted on the package leaflet. When you have enclosed a present package, the delivery note will be placed in an envelop with the inscription "Do not ruin the surprise". Your name and delivery adress will appear on the delivery note. When your order contains gifts for different people, make sure you type a gifts notification for each one.

Recipients can also use the delivery note to send back a shipment if required. When you do not pack the article in foil (or the article cannot be packed), the present notice is imprinted on the delivery note. Because of their unusually large sizes, weights or shapes, some articles cannot be packaged.

Often these articles are delivered in the orginal packing. If you do not want to disclose the content, you can select "Ship in Amazon box" on the check-out page (if available). Once this is checked, the article will be sent in an mailbox at no extra charge. Gifts you buy do not dictate the referrals we give you, and articles you order from a registrar or wish list are flagged as bought so that the receiver does not get a double present.

When you donate a Kindle, the receiver can enroll the Kindle in their own bank on arrival. Help: Sending a gift

In order to dispatch a gift: Verify that this is a present case for the article you wish to buy. Choose a delivery adress from your adressbook or type in a new one. Please click on Submit to this adress. Activate the checkboxes next to the packaging of this product and/or add a free personalised gifts notification.

Please note: These are not available on the Amazon Global Store. In case these option are not available for other articles, a notice with the inscription We're sorry will be displayed. It is not possible to attach a present box or memo to this article. Please click Next to finish the order procedure. Please note: You can modify or insert the wrapping or wrapping information for an existing order if it has not yet started the shipment procedure.

Go to your Moneybookers page, choose the order you want to modify, click Modify next to Gift Options and follow the on-screen prompts.

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