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What do you do to choose the right Amazon product to sell on your website? Amazon is a very simple plugin that edits every Amazon link in all posts to add your affiliate tag. Add Amazon affiliate links: Login to your Associates account. It helps to add affiliate links to products and keep track of commissions.

Affiliate Program Amazon WordPress Plugin

Associate link generation, automatic updating of items, pricing and rebates. In general, functions and outputs can be customized via the plug-in options or by extending the shortcuts according to individual needs. Text anchors allow you to assign a certain name to a particular item in your contents. You can overwrite the name of the item by hand. Would you like a particular Amazon franchise to appear in a unique posting or page?

A short code allows you to view one or more attractive visual displays. The functions contained in the boxed items are for example: titles, descriptions, current availabilities and pricing, rebates and call to action button. Best Sellers List allows you to give your customers a really powerful sales pitch by showing them the best-selling items for a particular category or a particular catchword.

Furthermore you have the possibility to adjust the number of individual products: e.g. Top 3, Top 10 etc. How about drawing your visitors' attention to the latest items within a particular group? As with the best seller list, you have the option of defining the number ranges of the individual items yourself.

With the help of the so-called "fields" you can place your own personal information (such as titles, descriptions, current prices or buy buttons) anywhere in your articles / pages. When you' re serious about making great value online advertising with AAWP, AAWP is definitely the plug-in for you! Ever since I began using it in all my AA engagements, my conversation rate, CTR's, and (most importantly) Amazon Affiliates revenues have gone to the attic.

Just by far the best Amazon affiliate plug-in on the market! AAWP plug-in converting and CTR is astonishing! When I began to use the plug-in on all my pages, I saw an immediate rise in the commission. Personally, I like to use the Amazon Application Programming Interface (API) to draw pictures, create my own diagrams and spreadsheets, and I know that I'm adhering to Amazon's TS.

An AAWP is a must for anyone who runs Amazon' affiliated sites! It is a very sophisticated and well done plug-in - everything works exactly as it should, simple to set up with a variety of customizations. Incorporating Amazon in your postings can be very profitable, I myself have been earning a great deal of cash from the Associates programme - if you have a website or blogs that often talk about product, using this plug-in can give your website an added edge in terms of monetisation.

My finding was that over Christmas and Black on Fridays your business was going through the cracks, so you should be able to make a little more cash with this plug-in, which in turn will cover the costs of the one. Throughout the review of this plug-in I found the plug-in developers kind and useful, so you are in good hands if you ever need assistance.

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