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As an Amazon partner, how much can you earn? The Amazon Associates is the free affiliate program of uk. A Amazon affiliate program guide for beginners and to learn how to make money as an Amazon affiliate.

I am based in the UK and have just launched my first website. Hello, I'm trying to insert a book about the Amazon Affiliates link. Partner Center

When you use Amazon's text linking, you can now better monetise the global flow of visitors to your website from the UK, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Japan and neighbouring states. An Amazon Associates Amazon Affiliate is required in each market for which you want to monetise your revenue. To view your US/UK, US/CA, US/IT, US/FR, US/ES, US/DE and US/JP accounts, click on "Click here to link".

Your Accounts Links will open and you can browse to the region(s) you wish to associate with your US accounts by typing in your UK/Canada/Italy/France/Spain/Germany/Japan accounts information. It is possible to specify "CloseProductMatch" (default) or "ExactProductMatch" as forwarding settings. Choosing the Closed Products Match setting, we direct your global traffic to your Amazon showcase, whether locally or nearby, if we find an accurate or similar item at uk,,,,, and jp, or to the results page in the presence of a similar item.

When you select the option exactly Produkt Matches, we will only forward your customers if we find the same products in the Amazon showcase. If there is no precise agreement, we will forward your visitor to As standard, we change the setting to Close Produkt Match to raise the monetisation.

Jakob is a writer who publishes about laptop computers and uses Amazon's textlinking. Exact Match' as his OneLink preferred. If a German user selects an item in his own weblog about " Why the MacBook Pro IS13252 is an excellent option for web developers", he will be directed to Amazon. de shows the MacBook Pro IS13252 with pricing in EUR if the same item is available at Amazon. de, or the user will be directed to Amazon US.

When Jacob selects'Close Match' as the OneLink option, the same user in the above example will be directed to the same or similar products on or to the results page if there is no similar products on Simply type the Amazon linking for the item into the "Enter the URL" field and click "Check".

Below you can see the corresponding uk,,,,, and link(s).

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