Amazon Affiliate Scheme

Affiliate Program

The Amazon is one such provider that has a very, very popular affiliate program. High-performance strategies to monetize your blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program. Affiliates can see detailed sales data and monetize international traffic. What is the trend at ? Amazon Affiliates ?


Over the Amazon partner program

They are asked to indicate fundamental Kontaktdaten and your Websiteetails. Amazon Associates support staff will evaluate your resume and will soon get in touch with you to validate your enrollment in the Amazon Associates Program. As soon as you have registered, you will get your Associate ID with the ending "-21".

Your employee ID must be kept secure as it allows you to keep up with your link history. Once you have received your Associate ID and your resume is accepted, you can follow your Amazon link and earn referral commission. That' it: You are now a partner of Amazon!

Ultimate Solution for Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce. Within less than an hours you have a ready-to-advertise affiliate shop filled with tens of millions of products.

Our 3.0 update offers Amazon Associates the latest in technologies: Since WooCommerce works with any topic, Prosociate works with any topic. Normally there is a 24 hours windows to get a voucher for a sales after you have followed a default Amazon affiliate links. Because Prosociate puts the products in the shopping basket, Amazon will extend the windows to 90 workingdays, making sure your earnings power is maximised.

WooCommerce. It is free and you can download it from Prosociate with one click. Integrate your plugins with your SEO.

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