Amazon Affiliate Program Canada

Affiliate Program Canada

Naturally, due to its ubiquitous nature, Amazon holds the title as the standard affiliate network for many publishers/affiliates. Please contact Amazon to find out which payment methods are available. Setting up EasyAzon is easy and we support every site that offers an Amazon Associates Partner Program, including: I can' buy in the Amazon partner business of a Canadian. Suppose it comes mainly from the USA, Great Britain and Canada.

I have used top 7 hints to earn $41,438.42 in 2009 with Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates was my top breadwinner last year and while I'm looking forward to reaching new targets in 2010 after I was dismissed from my career in 2009, I wanted to take some my own moment to sharing my absolutely best advice on how to make more cash with Amazon. com's affiliate program as we go into the New Year.

It will be different from any other lists you've ever seen, because to create this listing, I've used over 40 different trackin' code in a variety of blog's, web sites, and boards, which I run to finally test which policies work best. Not only will these hints help you make more cash, but I can also tell you a few numbers about how well each tip contributed to my $41,438.

BONUS: Do you want to know everything I know about Amazon membership in 2017? Please click here to get my Amazon Affiliate Course together with EasyAzon Core for free. Next article will discuss the least efficient ways to make a living with Amazon Associates, so be sure to sign up for my RSS feeder (or my RSS email) and join me on Twitter to prevent the most frequent errors.

Using only one Amazon Track ID for every website you run still makes you a big error, and that's a big error I've seen on a lot of them. It is imperative that you use more than one ID for each website you operate so that you know what works and what does not.

A part of why I believe so strongly that this will be a precious asset for you is just that over the course of 2009 I used so many track ing/tracking code that I was able to identify exactly which policies pay off best and which pay off most.

Actually, I wouldn't like to write an Amazon tip sheet without proving that my tip actually works. So not only should you try what I suggest, but you should also test it with more than one Track ID's (once you're in your Amazon box, you can add track ID's here).

For further hints after the pause, please click the Read more for more. Best seller listings are a kind of societal evidence and they are unbelievably powerful at persuading folks what to buy, which is why Amazon uses them so intensively on their own website. Here you can see all catagories of the best seller listing and of course this is an Amazon affiliate hyperlink.

You will see several ways in this article to thank me for passing on my expertise by buying something at through one of my existing web sites that you have already scheduled. Besides, I wouldn't practice what I taught if I didn't connect to Amazon. com with multiple affiliate connections while I discuss how to make more cash with them, right?

Most of the cash I was making was connecting to items within the real blogs I was posting about. Let's say, for example, I was talking about a new item that can now be pre-ordered. First, I would place a hyperlink to it because it was available for pre-ordering without mentioning the cost.

I would then show a picture using an affiliate hyperlink (more on pictures in later tips). Then, after the picture, I would divide a few of the product specifications, but then use an affiliate hyperlink entitled "see full specs" and then, if there were other colours, I would hyperlink to each of those colours separately.

While this is just one example of what I would do for a really hott looking item that could eventually be pre-ordered, as you can see, I have provided several options that have hopefully attracted the interest of a prospective purchaser to click on the links and find out more about the item.

Omitting less information about the item makes the feel that the users should now simply click to learn more about the item instead of read the articles. When you bring them to the Amazon website, you're in a very good place because now you get a fee on EVERY item they buy on the website - not just what they've looked through on your website.

Just bring traffic to Yeah, the length of the cookies is quite brief at just 24hrs, but Amazon is spending unbelievable quantities of cash to test its website and improve its capacity to turn consumers looking for produce into consumers. It' s noteworthy that I export my affiliate revenue table by item type and only 1,367 of the 3,953 articles sent through my affiliate link in 2009 are from item types within the major niche for each of the blog and website I operate.

Admittedly, the dollars total of these articles accounted for the bulk of the 75% revenue, but by bringing them to Amazon. com and sending more than 2,000 additional articles over the year help me get into higher income levels, which in turn brought me more overall cash.

It' s certain that 20% of the revenue I was generating came from things folks just purchased because they were about to buy them anyway, and I was the type who put them on the Amazon website. That tip is what I think is the most apparent, but for some sort of reasons I still see blog posts discussing a particular item and including an picture, but not turning the picture into an affiliate thread that leads the user to that item.

So if you already have Amazon product referrals and pictures of them, but don't make the pictures an affiliate referral - make the changes now! In order to rely on my first point, use a new tracker just to test how well the affiliate corporate affiliate hyperlinks work, and I can reassure you that you will see some enhanced results.

So if you are talking about a blogs related item and you already have several links in the message text as I suggest in Tip 3, and you use the picture as a shortcut in Tip 4, you can add a shortcut that you can buy now, e.g. Amazon Style:

It is also possible to use a small miniature picture of the products directly above. Use EasyAzon to help you reduce your Amazon affiliate link creation time: So I had a WordPress plug-in built to make it easy for me to create highly converted Amazon Affiliate hyperlinks along with all the functions I wanted in an Amazon plug-in that no one else did, and the end outcome was the EasyAzon one.

Look at this if you want to make more cash and waste less of your life building Amazon affiliate links: BONUS: Do you want to know everything I know about the Amazon partnership in 2015? Please click here to get my Amazon Affiliate Course together with EasyAzon Core for free.

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