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List of Amazon Partner Products

You support a long list of ad types; from text and image ads to pop-ups, etc. You can' sell her product directly. Now there is a saying in the Internet marketing community that says: "The money is in the list! The reason why building your email list is so important today! Partner Center - Help

Choose "Your store settings" and click the "Add category" icon to create a new page for your store. When a new Categories page is displayed in the Navigate Area ( links ), it will have a standard name like New Categories ( 1 ). In order to create a subtab by adding a subtab to an already created one, choose the subtab and click the "Add Category" icon.

Just click on a categorie and keep the left mousebutton pressed to move it to its new position. If you drop it on "Your Your theStore - Settings", it will become a top-level categorie, if you drop it on another categorie, it will become a sub- categorie of that categorie, and if you drop it between the classifications, it will be placed in that order.

The use of a combo of the above button (up, down, in, and out) gives you the agility to rearrange your existing store classes. You can move up and down to a different categorie in the menu using the up and down keys. Use the in and out button to modify the levels of your categorys, i.e. make them a top-level categorical or a subsection of other categoricals.

Shop "Homepage" The top-level categorie page in the list directly under "Your shop settings" will always be your shop homepage.

This also identifies the page in the navigational tree of your business. a) Single Products - Click on the "Add Products" icon and choose up to 540 products from the extensive Amazon stock.

Notice that there is only a 540 product per page per product group. Allows you to include an infinite number of hand-picked products in your store. b) Easily customize products by Amazon category/subcategory - you can choose any Amazon categories or subcategories and view products in the categories you choose.

The bestsellers for the chosen categories are shown by default as they are refreshed as the bestsellers are changed.

If you enter more than one keyword in this box, only products containing ALL of the words you entered will be returned (e.g. Cubs, Cardinals would only give back products containing both words, not products related to each keyword). c) Adding products from a Listmania list - Amazon. com Listmania listings contain products you find interesting.

Allows you to build your own list of products on In order to fill an àStore categorie from a list, type its ID in the field "Enter a Listmania! Categories page displays products from the specified Listmania list. For more information on how to build your Listmania list, visit the ListMania help pages at

Choose the ID after'lm/' or'fullview/', e.g. type your ID after ' R15GXTRDK2PMXZ'. PIease disregard any other parameter after this ID, followed by "&" or "/" Type the ID chosen in the column "Enter a Listmania! Text field "List ID". Press the "Save Changes" icon to store your settings.

Select to remove the standard àStore browser window so that you can create it within your current website. You can use the permission links next to each heading to refer to certain catagories. If you select this checkbox, we will verify that the products that have appeared in your store are suitable for the " mature" BI according to the Amazon catalogue definition.

When you want your visitors who visit atStore to be able to return to your website, you can make a reference to your website in the website navigator. So your clients can browse between the avStore and your website. Above page offers you a page without products to describe your organisation, the purposes of your business or anything else you want to say.

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