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Affiliate Amazon Page

However, driving traffic directly from Facebook is a violation of programs like the Amazon affiliate program. Would you like a particular Amazon product to appear in a single post or page? Manually adding Amazon affiliate links to your website is not the best option. Fix: The section Tracking Ids is not visible on the settings page for a few employees.

Affiliate Program - Advanced Options

Every time someone buys a certain item through the In Image Day links, you get a percentage of sales. On the Connections page in your preferences, you will see a section labeled Affiliates.

Enter your Amazon Affiliate Track ID in the field and you are ready to go. Each time you post a day with a hyperlink to a Amazon item, the track and trace information is added as well. That means that if you make an affiliate hyperlink with another utility (e.g. Amazon's own), you can securely clip and insert it into the linkbox without having to worry about it being substituted.

Verify your Amazon Associates site's revenue and traffic on a day-to-day basis.

May I use a Facebook page for an Amazon affiliate programme?

More than 50 per cent of Amazon's sales come from people who visit Amazon directly. You allow blogging because blogging gets high qualitiy and sophisticated visitor numbers.

The other important thing is that if you link directly to the Amazon site through your pages, the organically grown coverage of your site will decrease dramatically over the years and even if you have a million fans, your postings will hardly ever get to 1000 of them. Your side will be worthless.

That' s why you should consider getting a domainname and starting to blog about your fbi page subject e.g. photo, cookery, tips etc.

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