Amazon Affiliate Application

Affiliate Application

Affiliates have to disclose their affiliates on every page, including the homepage. Never use photos from Amazon. The Amazon Affiliate Program allows you to sign up with a new website that meets the following requirements: Choose the "Become an Affiliate" link. To join the Associates Program, click the yellow "Join now for free" button:

I have been denied my application for Amazon Associates: juststart now

Affiliates have to disclose their affiliates on every page, even the homepage. Never use Amazon pictures. Never mentioned the prices, didn't give any estimates (like $ for low cost or $$$$ for high cost) and just drew the prices via the Amazon API. The Call to action button consists of "Amazon'a' and the prize I get from the Amazon API right next to it".

And I don't know if Amazon a is the problem here - but they'd probably say there's a brand violation, which they don't: "Hello, thank you for volunteering for the Associate programme. After examination we cannot approve your application.

When your website has been further enhanced and now contains appropriate contents, you are welcome to apply again at the following URL: 2 information and 17 affiliate postings - a combined 40,000 words.

Need more information post and fewer affiliate link post? And when I visit my, there are the following pages: A few pages showing only "Title - Picture" and that's it. If they are selected by Googles, they now show a 404 bug.

However, how can I prevent Google from subscribing to these non-existent pages? I would like to ask: Do you also believe that these pages with "title - picture " are the topic - not the high relationship between Affiliate/Info-Post? Well, now that I've removed these pages, the 404 bug given by Google should be corrected further (has the whole site perhaps been searched again with the search console?) or is it okay to keep it that way?

As soon as this problem is solved (if IT is the problem), I now have 3 options:

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