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The Amazon Associates Program allows you to link to products sold on Amazon to earn commission on purchases made through these links. At Amazon Associates you will find a variety of ways to generate affiliate links. Hello Stendra, I know a mobile phone company that offers mobile apps for websites of any kind. You can sell Amazon products or earn affiliate commissions. You can import Amazon products into your online shop and earn money through the Amazon Affiliate Program or run your dropshipping business. Partner Center

The Mobile Application Policy ("Mobile Application Policy") is applicable to the incorporation of specific links into your authorized mobile application. "We", "us" or "our" means Amazon Services LLC or any of its affiliates, as the case may be. "She" means the associated Mobile Application associated account's associated Mobile Application Operator Agents.

Each of the following capitalised words that are not specified on this page have the meaning given to them in the works agreement. Rigorous adherence to this mobile application policy is always necessary, and any breach of this mobile application policy will result in automatic termination of the works agreement. a) must be available from either the Google Play, Apple, or Amazon App Store; b) must be downloadable free of charge and all Amazon Web Sites must be available without payment for accessing; c) must have genuine contents; d) must not have Amazon's own app shopper features; e) must not have a pricing and/or alerts feature; f) must not allow Amazon to host or rank Web Sites in WebViews.

This mobile applications policy may be changed at any times and in our absolute judgment by us publishing a notification of changes or a modified mobile applications policy on the website. CONTINUE TO YOUR INCLUDE SPECIAL LINKS IN YOUR AUTHORIZED MOBILE APP FOLLOWING OUR PUBLICATION OF A NOTIFICATION OF AMENDMENT OR REVISION OF OUR MOBILE APP GUIDELINES IN THE AMAZON REGION.

At our absolute option, we may take appropriate measures against any unauthorised use of specific links or any use that does not comply with this policy for mobile applications. If I already have an Associates affiliate login, should I open a new affiliate login for my applications? First and foremost, if your current affiliate is intended for your website, we recommend that you set up a new affiliate for your applications to make it easier to track and manage.

Unless you want to use two distinct account types, make sure your current link types work correctly by using the mobility employee tool. Our link tool works for your portable website unless otherwise stated. Utilities such as our Flash-based Widgets display an symbol and a message: "This widget/banner may not work for portable devices" so you cannot use it on your portable web sites.

Check the company agreement and the guideline for nomadic applications. Trace your portable applications in Associates Central separated from your web assets with a unique shop ID. Advantages are detailed follow-up, reports and authorization for prospective Mobility Associates Actions. Use the same user name and passphrase to log into Associates Central for a new store ID.

You can use a different Track ID under your App StoreID for each release or variation of the portable operating system. Sign up the App Store in Associates Central for your App URL downloads and keep them up to date. It is a programme request and will help us to design the advertising campaigns of our team. Prevent URL redirects in your app and take full benefit of deeper links to the Amazon Shopping App.

Beginning with eOS9, the Amazon Shopping App is activated by default. With Apple's Universal Linkage solution, Amazon Shopping App provides Amazon shoppers with an automatic in-depth link to the appropriate page within the app. Where can I get permission to include Associates content in my portable app?

Compliant with the company agreement and policy for portable devices may be approved. Any app that offers a significantly different experience than that provided by Amazon's current Web site for wireless apps or Amazon's wireless apps suite will be taken into consideration for authorization. When an app contains functionality that mimics Amazon application functionality, we may not be able to authorize the app.

Applications that focus primarily on purchasing and purchasing may not be eligible for entry.

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