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Hello, I need help logging into my account. The email address and password you use are not associated with an affiliate account. Affiliate login page for our Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin. Credentials for the Wordpress page. Log in to your Amazon.

com (or another Amazon domain) partner account. Recent affiliates can log in here to check account status or update account information.

Understanding why your Amazon Associates account has been shut down and how to open it again.

After logging into the account, I saw the message below: The account is locked and does not create any recommendations.

I had to explain in the e-mail that none of my websites are aimed at under 13s, and it was clearly indicated that those who did not close the statement by 31 October 2015 would be ineligible.

Amazon membership account cannot be restored, but you can re-apply by registering a new Amazon account with the same credentials and with the same mailing and invoice adress.

Who is Amazon Associates? Amazonia Associates is an affiliate recruiting programme that enables website publishers and blogs to make profits by promoting million of new and used and its subsidiaries' brands. If these Associate website and bloggers link and clients click through these link and purchase Amazon content, they are earning commission.

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When you have your own website with high levels of visitor numbers or followers, then it is a good way for you to monetise that visitor number. Open an Amazon Associates account as a first step. Do it! Visit com to register an account.

To create your account, please complete the Amazon Associates process.

We will ask you to provide your Partner Shop ID preference.

When you click on these button, Amazon Affiliate Links/Codes will be displayed that you need to embedded in your website so that when the visitor comes to your website and they click on these link and make a buy at Amazon, the buy will be added to your account and you will receive a provision according to Amazon's fee schedule.

Please be aware that the Amazon affiliate links/codes to be embeded on your website may be simple text, an images, or a mixture of text and images. Integrate the codes/links to your particular sites and then work to increase your site visitor rate by adjusting the site contents to fit the specific products you are promoting, in this case cafe.

Here is a hyperlink to the company agreement you will have with Amazon as a credential. To learn more about the Amazon Associates Program software development tool, click here.

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