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I' ve heard a lot of people leave Google AdSense and switch to Amazon Associates to make money with their websites. Provides support for all types of ads, including Google AdSense ads, contextual Amazon Native Shopping ads, media, web ads, and rotating banner ads. These niche sites will contain Amazon Ads and Links as well as Adsense Ads! Just wanted to ask how much better (or worse?) you think Amazon is for Adsense.

Any option to display these ads as backup ads for Adsense?

May I have Amazon ads and Google AdSense ads on my page at the same to have?

Yes, you can use Amazon and AdSense at the same aime. However, it is better to test both advertising calendars independently to determine which calendars offer the best converting. Simultaneous use of both advertising backbones can reduce your revenue if your revenue does not come from the Amazon converting country where you can get the best Amazon converting service. Merging your adsense with your partner link does not in any way contravene the Adsense Directive.

You can have Amazonas and Goggles on the same page, no worries. Real Adsense account in just 3-4 hrs. eBook: Willie Smith, Adsense Account within 3-4 hours: Child Store

Please fill in your cell number or e-mail below and we'll e-mail you a free Kindle application for you to use. You can then begin to read Kindle textbooks on your cell phone, tray, or computer - no Kindle equipment needed. In order to receive the free application, please fill in your cell number. Affiliated product are ads for product items purchased from resellers.

Clicking on an ad for sponsored products will take you to an Amazon detail page where you can find out more about the item and buy it. For more information about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Real Adsense account in only 3-4hrs. Premium members receive free two-day delivery and privileged entry to your favorite tunes, films, TV shows, live sound and Kindle albums.

Once you have viewed the detailed pages of our products, here is an easier way to return to the pages that interest you.

May I have Amazon and Adsense on my website?

I was a big Google Adsense customer in the past. However, lately (for apparent reasons) I've tried some more experimentation with the Amazon Associates programme, among other things. Amazon Affiliate tends to work well on product-based websites, while Google Adsense tends to work well with information-based websites.

Yet the real thing is that the subject of many a niche site can be a mixture of information and product-related information. So, what should you use Amazon or Adsense? "May I have Amazon and Adsense on my pages? Neither the Google Adsense guidelines nor the Amazon Associates programme, which says you can't mix the two ad serving engines on the same site, have found anything.

They can see websites that do this all over the web. Especially if you want to see it in Action, check out - many different "Hubs" have both Amazon and Adsense placed on them (along with eBay' affiliated link and others). Firstly, Amazon tends to work better than text linking in your contents and not as advertising banners.

So don't place large 300×250 Amazon Associates advertising banners in your contents - it's less efficient (typically). Instead, when mentioning your products or product-related words, associate the text in your contents with Amazon. Do you also have a call to campaign end in which you ask the readers to learn more about the item, or look at the prices of the item, or another call to campaign that encourages them to click on the links and look at the item at Amazon?

On the other side Google Adsense works well as an advertising block. I' ve been discussing a few of the best Google Adsense ad rankings here a few time in the past. Generally, the advertisements located in the contents and above the folder will work best. In 2017 Update: I now use a free advertising tool named Ezoic, which makes it very easy to test different Adsense placings.

To ensure that your addition of Amazon or Adsense does not reduce your total sales, you need to track your revenues. When using Amazon on your website is taking more of your Adsense revenues than it will add, then don't do it. Of course, you need to test and track your revenues over several month to see what works best.

You should also always be prepared to try different layout options to see what brings you the highest click-through rates and the highest profits. So you can boost your revenue. A few catchwords will only make more money with Adsense and some can do better with Amazon. Overall, there's no need to have Google Adsense and Amazon on your website at the same aime.

You' ll find it boosts your total income, so test it out! Did you ever test with both advertising nets on your pages?

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